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a couple of shots around the shop

including our friend Jonathan dropping off the first edition of landscape magazine, featuring natasher on the cover straddling her gold 14bikeco (stoked) as well as some bikes, curvy tubes and some new superted t-shirts. dice&dice

Customers & Bikes: Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright, who some of you may know more familiarly as Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter films recently picked up her new 14bikeco ladies frame build, very tasteful. Enjoy your bike Bonnie!

thanks for the photos john

Courier Breed

a beautiful if a little gloomy documentary on the bike messenger scene in Boston by Brendan Coughlin. It’s long but definitely worth watching if you have 15 minutes. seen over at tracko

new sticker colourways

it seems the man who makes our stickers takes our instructions with a pinch of salt, so occasionally we get a bunch of weird and wonderful colourways. I actually really dig this one. Available at the shop in limited quantities

sweet photo

I have nothing very important to say about this image, but it’s sweet and it comforted me in the same way a nice cup of hot chocolate would sitting with your grandparents by the fire in your pajamas, watching a disney film

today’s trick roundup (1)

first up we have the Philly Mixtape 5, Tony Fast is killing it right now, the ledge to wheelie to pedal grind at 0:55 was dope, and there are a fair few other bangers in there. word up philly

next up we have some sweet photos from SLUMWORM hitting their janky back yard setups. a little bit of gnarl and that, love it

and finally, we have ‘TR4K Web Edits: Wiz n Joe’ (‘the first in a series of “weekly” edits. stay in touch on‘) spotted over at trick track – some really nice park riding! I need to get down to a decent park on my bike! super smooth riding from Joe, props

Custom Stitched Fi’zi:k Arione

I saw this beauty over at Pedal Consumption, made by Mick Peel of Busyman Bicycles. The saddle was customized for Bikepro Shop for a bike review, and Mick also made some sweet matching stitched bartape – “Managed to get some form of RSI from all the hole punching on these. But I’m still resisting the laser cutter” – awesome handmade custom goods! nice job dude

two photos of Tony Fast by Gary Wilpizeski

Gary Wilpizeski AKA garr1s0n took some super rad photos of Tony Fast which he put up on his flickr photostream very recently, one of Tony busting a sweet little X-up and the other a “Massive air off the ghetto-wood-pile-bank to mile-high tire tap on the pillar. After a few tries he made it, with the tire mark on the pillar to prove it!” – sickness

more photos HERE

two videos

here are two videos that I enjoyed today, firstly a new edit from Planet Hops that I saw over at Lockedcog. The riding is good but the real credit that I give this video is that it’s really quite nicely shot (apart from a little bit of shakey cam) and the way it has been put together makes for a good watch

and secondly, here’s “FLATFIX another edition “TOKIO DRIFT”” by Graffito (also included on his blog was a comprehensive video from the 100% pure fighter final of SESSION vol. 2) which basically documents the radness of riding in Tokyo – the lights, the vibes, the traffic… and along with the “Shopping in Harajuku” post on boingboing (photos below) it basically got me mad stoked to be going to JAPAN NEXT SPRING!

photos by Mark Frauenfelder

new product: Selle Italia Flite 1990

Whilst some like the newer Flite design, many prefer the aesthetics, shape and comfort of the original. Selle Italia have reissued the original 1990 Flite with Titanium rails (handcrafted in Italy), smooth leather cover and a very reasonable weight of 233 grams – the Flite 1990 is a winner. In stock now for £67