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bicycle art

some really nice watercolours by Worcestershire artist Jeremy Houghton, commissioned by Lloyds TSB for London 2012 olympus games, depicting the immense performance of the British cycling team in Beijing

Sir Chris Hoy

Bradley bleedin Wiggins

Rebecca rowsandrides Romero

Team Pursuit. UP THE LADS

I like them



this dude can reeally huck his bike around, i mean sheeeez

I wanna see more lines though, obsttacles and stuff
this guy has got mad skill with the 3taps & variations, and the stairs were super good, but it doesn’t feel the same as nasty or tom in the way that it makes use of new spots and random stuff. I mean don’t get me wrong it was sick, and the whole deck quarter thing was cool, and the dude is ridiculous, but it could look better

mad stuff

got gif?




this k@nt! edit is insane
super sick, you gotta watch it
nasty kills it big time, with various goofy stuff and bangers
check the s-w-eeet full cab at about 4:10. cleeeean

this is a big one

nasty & tom lamarche have gotta be my personal favourites right now fo sho
I guess nasty’s style is super appealing due to the obvious skateboard influence, interested more in threading together lines and obstacles rather than perfecting some bazillion degree spin – however technically achieved it is – and it looks so smooth! for example that nice bank hop wheelie round thing at 2:40, the gaps and random spots. makes me want to ride. awesome


velo::re belts in store

from the velo::re website:

“Beltoe and Beltie are belts made from recycled bicycle tyres. Each one is an individual, and handmade, with its own history. The tread bears the scars of every mile travelled, and every unauthorised skid. We like the idea of recycling and making full use of the discarded and the superfluous, ending up with something that already has its own character.

Belties are made from front tyres, which get less wear, so still have plenty of tread left. Beltoes are made from back tyres, which work harder and carry more weight, so they`re kinda threadbare.”

more in the flickr set

I think they are 35 P’s? will confirm

Reciprocity Ephemera: Cadence 2009 Winter Collection

Wow some of the pieces from this Cadence collection are really great. check it


I can’t wait until we release the 4TN collection!



heal up bro

black friday edit

damn, this is a lot of good footage especially for only one day! butcher is getting real smooth
I wanna ride with these guys!