Monthly Archives: February 2010

copper plated spokes

coming hard with the copper plated spokes wheelset, some bang bang right here


photos with the guys from philly

normally when I put a roll up on the dice&dice blog, I see which are relevant for the 14, then pop those up here, but actually there are a lot of relevant shots in this roll, so I’ll post a couple here but its worth just going to the original page and checking them all out.

loads more HERE


looking good



late night mile end

some nice photos by 44/16. wet/frosty too by the looks of things, deadly!

more HERE

I dont know why

i haven’t posted this yet. probably because my computer can’t really hack vimeo, but somehow it happened this morning, and all I can say is that it’s shot really well, it’s interesting and informative, and it’s definitely worth a watch, check it

some shots by andy

andy‘s been taking more shots recently, check it out

greg+ted (toboggan) at the anniversary party

tony eating sh@t at canning town

and ted filming for bootleg sessions 4

nice! more at the link below