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aurora collective

so a while ago I found these straps floating around on the internet, same/similar design to the majority of velcro FRS that have arrived recently, and I posted them up on here. I got a comment from Sebastian of Aurora Collective, and started talking about his product, and eventually I ended up with a pair of the straps, handmade in Germany by Anie and Sebastian themselves, as well as their cute artzine and a shedload of stickers. dope

I’ve been running the straps for the last few weeks, and they seem to be holding up pretty well, and the material seems quite good and stiff, if a slightest bit slippy, though I think that has more to do with my pedals no longer having any grip at all

here’s a couple pictures of the zine, nice!

and stickerssssssss. some dope ones

overall i know there have been debates over whose template design the straps follow, and who was first, though I am unsure as to how much that matters now, and surely the discussion should be more focused on the best material for the job, and the best build quality, as nothing will be resolved or improved by squabbling

and these straps are pretty decent, and for €32 including world wide shipping, you can’t go wrong

available from their online shop (click image below)


my guys (2)

at the ”all or nothing” premiere!


pictures and loads more HERE


we got heavily featured in loop magazine, which is DOPE!
check out these pictures of the mag courtesy of Yuichi

loop mag

loop mag


loop mag

loop mag

loop mag

loop mag


click the images for high quality

more cap relateds

this cap by subcrewreact is pretty dope colour-wise
getting a rad bored with the campy logo thing but its still super rad


Picture 2

get it HERE


mudkips? no, smeear’s SONOFSON’s caps currently in store

some mad reflective stuff as well

super dope, only 20 nug, dirt cheap like

my guys

andy&mon on tracko

ewww ahhh

not sure?


moscow holding it down

getting rad on rooftops is what it’s all about, unless they are car parks…. jks my trix man hldin it dwn erry tuesday yaknow. but seriously the roof of the Olympic sport centre is much better

anyway, some smooth photos and a nice little story and that



more photos HERE