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gif magic

loved this gif spotted over at FGGT, not sure what it’s from but I’m sure I like it

worth a special mention

I found the ARJAY GARCIA VS CONTAINER DROP thread on trick track, and it filled me with a mix of OMFG and MEGALOLS, and I thought I better share it here. I mean the guy has some serious balls to drop off something so high, and to be fair it could have gone a lot worse, check it

awesome snap by Teagan R Giffin

Tracko posted this up and isn’t it just sorta awesome? Skitching on bikes is sooo fun (if you can convince someone to tow you) and this photo reminds me of some sketchy times on Camden road, sweet. Also, coffin board? hell yes

photo by Teagan R Giffin


size? x Trainerspotter x PUMA Sky II High Biomega Bicycle

The Tour De France Experience by Remi Gaillard

This video was tweeted over to me by matt and I love it, I’ve seen another video by this crazy french dude Remi Gaillard that I thought was pretty cool but this takes it I reckon, what a great idea! Laughter for life


To be honest I get a little bit bugged off technical drawings and exploded parts diagrams, and of course I live solely for bikes so I should definitely have this as my wallpaper… well maybe it’s a bit too busy but even so I thought it was cool, would make amazing printed toilet paper! Seen over at Milano Fixed

Ghost’s A Go Go!!

Here’s another strange video, this time from Native Shoes to ‘stir up your Halloween spirit’. Although it’s arguably irrelevant the video does undeniably contain fixed gear-ness and I’m getting excited for Halloween so up it goes