Cycle to Work

We are able to build custom bicycles though the Cycle to Work scheme
So if you are a part of / work for a limited company, you could getup to 50% off a custom build

10 responses to “Cycle to Work

  1. no discount on parts? or frame set?

  2. @Hector,

    What apart from the Tax and NI breaks you get with the scheme?


  3. its only for a complete build

  4. is this for UK only?

  5. if more people got on there bikes we could all save so much

  6. nice fixie

  7. I wanna buy some lovely fixed..(49cm)
    how can i buy it?
    do u have some catalogus?

    • we sell completely custom bikes, with prices ranging from £1000 upwards
      either we can make a bike for you through you coming to the shop and specifying everything you want or we can probably arrange it through email is normally who you would talk to however I’m not sure if his email is working again, so you could contact to sort it out. thanks!

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