two videos

here are two videos that I enjoyed today, firstly a new edit from Planet Hops that I saw over at Lockedcog. The riding is good but the real credit that I give this video is that it’s really quite nicely shot (apart from a little bit of shakey cam) and the way it has been put together makes for a good watch

and secondly, here’s “FLATFIX another edition “TOKIO DRIFT”” by Graffito (also included on his blog was a comprehensive video from the 100% pure fighter final of SESSION vol. 2) which basically documents the radness of riding in Tokyo – the lights, the vibes, the traffic… and along with the “Shopping in Harajuku” post on boingboing (photos below) it basically got me mad stoked to be going to JAPAN NEXT SPRING!

photos by Mark Frauenfelder


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