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Benedict Radcliffe’s Tie-Dye bike

I remember talking to Benedict a while ago about the idea of a tie-dye paintjob on a bike and I only saw recently what he’s come up with, and it looks really good! It’s an Armourtex custom powdercoat paintjob but I can’t remember exactly how he did it, I’m presuming some sort of string was involved, but I’m not sure on the specifics. Either way the bike looks amazing, and Luis Davis has pictured it here nicely, bomb hills not iraq duuude!

International bong hitters Pedals
Peace and Love Details

sweet comics from yehuda moon

I saw this little mini-strip and thought it was pretty spot on, these cute little cycling comics from ‘yehuda moon‘ are realy worth checking out. I chopped it into two so that I could lay them out better, the original is HERE

today’s trick roundup

first up we have a Wolfdrawn edit of Congo, we saw the photo yesterday and now here’s the video. It’s short but definitely quite sweet, with the real banger coming up at the very beginning, so legit! Congo’s sporting an all new hair style and hucking his bike around in ways only he can, good stuff

next up we have a sweet photo of a sprocket stall + barspin from Gus Molina, with photo taken by Dave Beard – swiped straight off trick track

and finally, I wanted to put in this Woodward edit from Ben Hittle, it’s just really cheerful and light hearted, but has some really sooth riding and technical stuff like fakie manual to cab invert and that 1260 spinning thing at the end, crazy

Sweet Illustrations by Johnny Porter

I first saw these strange yet really cute illustrations by Johnny Porter over at Pedal Consumption. You know it’s probably a good move for any ‘up-and-coming’ artist/illustrator to put a couple of track bikes in your work, you’re guaranteed a few hundred hits from circulating the online cycling community, but seriously these are really good – super nicely drawn with a distinctive style then silk screen printed. Wouldn’t mind having a couple of these on my walls…

more photos from the London Open

I was surfing Luis Davis’ flickr photostream and I came across a couple of beauties from the London Open event, thanks Luis!

Cosmic Snoops
End of the final

check out more photos by Luis at the event in the flickr set


TJ, the new fragrance by Tyler Johnson, shot by Brenton Salo


Velo City SF: Hellyer Park Velodrome

‘a taste of what went down at the VELOcity SF Event at Hellyer Park Velodrome on August 28, 2010′ – It’s cool to see trick and track getting along so well, I think there should be more all-rounded contests like this. Maybe a race at Herne Hill, followed by a checkpoint race that returns finishes at some super skatepark, maybe Mile End and a tricks comp there, then another checkpoint race to a polo court… anything is possible

cockpit point of view

W i u - u u h !
It may be that this shot is fast becoming a cliche but I’m not really bothered, it’s a reasonably tricky maneuver to perform, and it sometimes looks pretty cool. Photos taken by Vic. # // slicky iqy // Pörrö

Mission Workshop London Flagship Store Set-up

the dudes of Mission Workshop put together this sweet video of the set-up of the new shop, it was a big undertaking! Many thanks to everyone who helped out, I’m sure people will agree that it’s quite a transformation, and the shop looks better for it – it’s good to keep things changing. After you check this video it’s worth watching both the Tokyo launch party video and the Monty Messenger Bag video which MW also put up very recently. Huge thanks!

Columbus strength testing

When I first saw this picture on ZLOG I didn’t know what was going on, but it turns out that it’s a special bike which ‘measures strain at different points of the bike… hooked up to wires transmitting data back to the van’ – very interesting. Nowadays I’m sure most of these tests can be simulated and performed virtually, but it’s pretty cool that they used to do all of this testing physically. The whole thing looks like some weird life-support machine, great find!