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Ted laith (3)


Massive test


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a beautiful machine

Here are some sweet pieces from the past ‘A Beautiful Machine‘ Bristol event and charity auction that I must have missed back in March/April. I’m not sure about availability of these as it was a while back but they’re sweet and deserved a post

A Beautiful Machine

Hell Track 3 video

A little late on this but I think it’s important to post some of the better bike events from around the globe – looks like another great Hell Track from Mosher

phone bike mount

I was trying to find better ways to film while riding with oscar the other day, and I figured there must be good solutions for bike-mounted filming, even if it is only with a phone (seeing as the video capabilities on phones are increasing so rapidly). Here’s an iPhone mount system from Shapeways I found, and it looks pretty decent but I’m not convinced it’s the out-and-out answer, I might have to do some DIY bungee-cord experimenting… otherwise check it out HERE, probably quite useful for the GPS mokeys

check out this sweet use of bike-mounted filming, pretty cool right?

today’s trick roundup

first up here’s Fixed Project 3 from brothers Evan and Lane Daniels that I checked on ZLOG, clean hop bars, yo-yos and a barspin leg-over-bar skid combo, what more could you want?

now here’s a quick clip from WOLFDRAWN – Matt Spencer got stoked on a trick from a japanese comp so he got the camera out and practiced. Pretty cool to be driven like that, the clip is clean too!

and finally here’s Swoo’s farewell to sponsor Allcity. Some really clean riding in here, hubbas, gaps, a feeble 3-tap and more, this dude loves the big stairs too. Great edit

Backyard Mini(velo)drome

I saved this video when I saw it over at prolly‘s but haven’t watched it until now, it would be so cool having a velodrome in your back yard, even a small one like this. Someone should go around it backwards for sure


I’ve never seen fed riding any bikes this ill but it’s definitely the met. hopefully we’ll be seeing some officers getting rad on these bad boys soon (via SFGFC)

though I’m not sure whether it’s really going to happen… I’d settle for this


I really don’t think I understand what’s going on here, but I like it. Some PRO editing, an awesome helmet and some weird religious iconography, looks like there’s something exciting in the works. freaxed