14 Bike Co is located at 13 Elys Yard, The Truman Brewery, E1 6QL

we build bespoke cycles, typically fixed gear and single speed, handbuilt using traditional methods in England. We have a range of frameset models and geometries, and an array of tubing options to pick from. We also pride ourselves on being able to build fully custom frames, with geometries and specifics left up to the customer. for more info on this please contact us in store or send an email to john@14bikeco.com

We can also take repairs, wheel builds, conversions and stuff like that.

The shop is open from 10 til 7, Monday to Friday and 11 til 6 on Sunday and Saturday.

the Flickr page is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shopfourteen/

the twitter page is http://twitter.com/14bikeco

our vimeo page is http://vimeo.com/user1965890

14bikeco august/winter 2009 magalog (picture courtesy of) 2.7MB

62 responses to “About

  1. can’t see an rss feed for your new blog, can you let me know if there is one so I can follow you guys on my netvibes- thanks!

  2. when do you have the mash.frames in your store?

  3. Love the shop. How the hell can I get a 14BikeCo bike out in Brooklyn?

  4. spagetti-motherfuckin-hoops

    so whens the website i keep hearing so much about gonna be live??
    and… have you got any black headbadges in yet?

  5. Lee Cooper? building bikes? Ever heard of Ron Cooper? he built bikes in the UK forever. I’ve got one that is amazing. My names Max Cooper; in liek with bikes. andale. .

    • erm right.
      we have heard of ron cooper
      lee cooper has been building bikes for yonks
      apart from that i cant understand a word you’re saying
      enjoy riding bikes

  6. I went into 14 Bike Co for the first time a couple of days ago. I was very impressed with the shop and the bikes/parts, but i could’nt see any prices anywhere. Why is this… could anybody fill me in?

    Cheers Sam

    • most of our products do have price tags, although if there are any parts that don’t, just ask
      as for the built bikes, they are almost all custom builds for customers, and are there as an example of what we can do pretty much

      sorry for any confusion, next time just ask – we’re a friendly bunch 😛

  7. hello i’m william and i love thses bikes, i want one soo bad, how long will it take to build a custom one for me,
    thank you ever so much

  8. Hey fellas, nice work here. I am located in Huntington Beach, California. I was on a ride yesterday with some homies and a chick named Jenny from London approached us and gave me your biz card. Just wanted to touch base with you and say whats up!

  9. can i get an estamate on how much the trick frame is?

  10. hey, do you know how i could contact jol about buying some straps?

  11. what are the cheapest hubs you have in at the moment?

  12. awesome bikes, and cool shop!


    keep up the good work guys!

  13. im from Barcelona was visiting London yesterday, saw the shop AMAZING ! i NEED one ASAP ,whats the cost aproximately for a custom bike ?

  14. so…are you cheaper than Brick Lane Bikes? What sort of price range am I looking at for a basic custom-build?


  15. Hey Guys!

    I was last weekend in your shop, and it’s a shame that we don’t have such custom-made singlespeed bikes in Belgium!

    Keep on going, ’cause your bikes are soooo cool ! :-)))



  16. hey. loving the shop.
    just wondering how much your lo pro’s are?
    thanks x

    • all bikes are custom so it depends what tubing you want, what construction ie fillet brazing or lugged
      framesets start at about £500

  17. Yo, I’m looking to get a bike and as much as I would love to buy one off you guys, I’m pretty much broke and just wouldn’t be able to afford one. I have got some cash though, so I was just wondering whether you would advise me getting a cheap second hand one and bringing it in to you to get it refurbished. If so, how much do you reckon would that cost? I’ve done a bit of research but I still don’t know if there are any really good sites/places in south west London where I can get a decent second hand bike, so if you know any places it would help me a bunch! Cheers.

  18. Hi, I am wondering if you guys would be able to remove cranks chain and bottom cracket from my bike today and how much it would cost. thanks

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  20. where can i buy a 14bike co frame ?
    How much would i be looking to pay ?
    and also would this be a good trick frame becuase im not sure on weather to get the 729TRK frame with charge forks or this frame with charge forks “/ ? can people get back to me on this an other complications and other frames which i could also look into, im kinda in the dark with fixed gears because everyone bmx’s where i live , like i also do, but i want to move to the growing fixed gear trick scene , btu i also want to to comute to aswell, so another Q is what woudl be the best gear set up, i was thinking that a 44 -16 tooth woudl be good but can people please give me adice on these things , sorry for all the Q’s im just hungry for knowledge on fixed gear 🙂

    • yo yo, drop your questions to john@14bikeco.com, he’ll be able to help you out
      otherwise, 44-16 is a average/stiff gear, and it depends on what you really prefer. I personally run 44-18(or 19) with 38c tyres


  21. what are your views on the profile cranks, are they work the money or is there other cranks which are cheaper but of the same quality ?


  22. I have a friend who was born on August 14, lives at No. 14 in apartment No. 14 in our area is under police station number 14. His brother was also born on December 14 and his fatherland also lives at number 14. He received a diploma from the school 14-th number. And there are a dozen or 14 of them in his life!

  23. Hey there
    Do you sell coaster brakes? if so how much do you sell them for…?


  24. Whats the average price of a standard custom build?

  25. hey there,
    i was really blown away by the pics of the new esb trick frame and i am very curious as to how id get my hands on one. i live in california so i hope that doesnt totally blow my chances of getting one out of the water. What would be the price of those frames?


  26. Financial Rhymes

    How much will one of them Hanbury style frames that hasn’t been sent off to armourtex or had anything done to it cost? (So basically what’s the cheapest frame you do?)

  27. hey guys…I’ve seen the guide autumn 2009 and I was really impress… can you tell me the price of the hanbury bike light blue and green at page 9?

  28. Mikey

    just a quick note to say how much i enjoy your blogging, as a fellow 18 year old.
    please check out my blog: http://photofixed.wordpress.com/


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  30. hi, do you still have the SAG bags in stock? having trouble getting through on john or info email address, thanks

  31. cool, thanks for the reply, will email aidan

  32. Seriously this is driving me crazy! When are you guys getting a website I can order some sweet stuff from?!

    • very very soon! things have been delayed because of complications and expansion but rest assured it is coming!

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  34. Sweet stuff! I know you guys are working on a webshop already.
    But is it possible to order something already and ship it to the netherlands?
    I’d love to have one of those sag bags, can I order one per email?

    • yesss that should be possible, the way to do that would be to drop john an email at shopfourteen@live.co.uk then he should be able to sort something out, which might involve ordering some bags from our Japanese distributors because I’m not sure we’re carrying any stock at the moment,

      all the best, mikey

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