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the party will now be located at:

85-97 Curtain Road

next to elbow rooms
old fire station

see the map here

Picture 3


SOAS sessions

odge, oscar, chris, romain and myself went to SOAS the other night to ride
there was this big gap, with a 5 1/2 foot drop and no run-up, so chris delia and romain had a go
here’s what happened

Picture 1

Picture 2

“Fire rips through Thomas Fairchild School in Hoxton”

just a quick video to set the scene


(needs to convert but will be live in about 40 minutes)

“Fire rips through Thomas Fairchild School in Hoxton”

yep, i saw it. I was there….
duh duh duuuh

it was actually pretty exciting, and I took some photo’s on my phone (ran out of film)


more on the flickr

read more about it here

john the willy wonka’s golden ticket t-shirt!


the polo player who scores the most goals in the competition this weekend will be awarded this t-shirt by 14bikeco, entitling that individual to a free complete bike by 14bikeco.

I kid you not, my amigos

free bike shizzle. get on it

EHBPC 2009 party! saturday 1st july

hosted by 14bikeco

secret market on commercial road (click for location)
doors open 8.30
pay on the door
£4.00 entry
mid tournament party!

more info on the whole thing here

benedict radcliffe

a great friend of ours Benedict Radcliffe was featured in Weloveyouso, one of our favourite blogs,
I saw this lambo in progress, and even now it still blows my mind
sickatron. here’s some of what they had to say about it:
“a wireframe model of a Lamborghini Koenig Countach built over the course of five months with 10mm welded steel tubes. The result looks like a three-dimensional blueprint, or a car viewed through x-ray goggles.

We think its pretty incredible–craftsman wizardry and childplay, both carried to their logical extremes.”

however it seems that since then they deleted it??? weird, it’ll probably be back online in a minute, here






more here

seen here

righty ho

finally got up pictures from my digital camera of frankfurt
have a look if you’re bored or something

loads more in the flickr set,
and I also have a fair amount of 35mm stuff from frankfurt which I’ll put out soon

return from paris

today saw the safe return of Ted and Andy from Paris, following the end of the CTRS livestrong ride they had completed

ted’s undiagnosed hand was pretty fat

andy brought back a ‘stages’ bag with book, a livestrong band (being rocked) and some livestrong chalk. rad
london is getting hit up right now

rad messages from riders! so glad I could join you for the first leg of the trip


also, I’m sorting out photo’s from the ctrs ride’s day in london, which should be posted tomorrow
nighty night