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RIGIDA DP-18 – the rim of choice


i-D online Bicycle Film Festival Gallery

i-D online posted up a few photos from the recent Bicycle Film Festival events HERE including these two that I thought were particularly nice, from the screenings at the Barbican Center and from inside the shop, nice!

wish bone

you know my steez

zero man on road can match Jacob’s steez, zero

purple anodized 75’s

I remember posting about these cranks we anodized like a year ago, and they’re still just as banging today, I think I gotta get me some o these bad boys

FGL spotting

I’m not sure where these came from but they’ve been popping up around the place


RAW in the shop

I caught this dude chillin’ on the sofa and I was all like wooord, frames aren’t allowed to sit thurr, they fa be human sofas. Before I shifted the bugger I took a quick snap because it was all like neked and raw and I’m a total bike pervert