Monthly Archives: December 2009

romain bike check

andy put the edit together, as with the rest of the bike checks. thanks!

year end

I like this edit at the beginning, not really the carpark bit so much but needs must when its wet i guess. I actually dig the line at like 18-20something, pretty funny. nice 180 barspin somewhere in there as well.


2 tricks in a car park

I remembered that on day a week or two ago I learnt some one foot wheelies n sheet, and I was in some car park with edenzor when it was super cold and raining hard, so here it is. gotta love that quality

there you go.

gimme a gif

wehey aiden

wimpy burger

ont the way back from riding with a couple of the guys the other week, we decided to go wimpy to check what aguan. wimpy said yes, and i took a couple pictures. I’d love a wimpy plate/cup set.

I think I got the king burger, with large banana milkshake and large fries.

inthecutts – macaframa

cool vid. also exposes the source of massan’s dope shot (below)
also reveals a little of some secret(ish) projects to come!
worth a watch



there were some ESB tubesets in the shop…

hopefully it should look something like this!