food stuffs

eatzone, Fortess road, Kentish town

Eden and I went to Eatzone fo some noodles, it was pretty good

he got the roast duck noodle soup and I got the yellow noodle with chicken in black bean sauce

although more expensive than noodle king – the usual noodle spot – the food was spot on, and I didn’t even get the screaming shits like i normally do with noodle king. the food also had some flavour, props on the MSG guys

more pictures here at teh bottoms


flickr set here

yeah mate, I’m working on sponsorship you know….

anyway, odge gave me another japanese pork broth noodles, 40p boy you know

the packaging has this little dude on it, a half naked ice-skating noodle delivery baby (standardly) who is supposed to be called like the demae baby or something but I like Toby better. Toby is a great little baby

it comes with some instructions on the back which is pretty rare, but who tbh if it aint virtual then I’m not listening

so, out the packet its pretty similar, with all the familiar condiments

boil, boil, toil and chris moyles

pour it nice and slow. ITS BOILING YA NA

cover it up dude

I always get so bored in the 3 minutes you gotta wait after you cover the bowl…

at least Toby has got my back. yeah i cut him out

Now add them sachets, and some chopped veggies if youre classy… alright odge did it but whatever

you see that sesame oil? thats what you want right there. EAT IT NOW

this time i just scoffed them noodles, which left me with the soup. trust its leng

Toby you idiot. how you get in there? dumbass


for part 1: instant noodles in watery soup click here
flickr set here

what you will need: the noodle box package (pictured below)
kettle +water

the box

some crazy instructions

gooooooood morning sir

comes with these

add boiling water (at open corner) and add the contents of the two non-paste sachets, then fold back the flap over the noodle box and leave for three minutes.
this is where the patience will be required

after three minutes open a small slit in the opposite corner, and use this to drain excess liquid, being careful not to lose the precious contents
hopefully afterward it will look like this:

then add the paste…

mush it around for even coverage…

then – as I’m sure the instructions make clear – get rad

nom nom nom
ready for round two… ah well they’re only 70pence

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  3. im from california and i live off that right there except its top ramen and it only cost 35 cents which is like free in your money!!!! haha

  4. hahaha reviews of noodles=best thing ever

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