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Hell Track 3 video

A little late on this but I think it’s important to post some of the better bike events from around the globe – looks like another great Hell Track from Mosher

Hacksaw Challenge 2010

Hacksaw Challenge is Bristol Alleycat we’re sponsoring on the 30th October, following the success of last year’s event it’s sure to be a good’un. There’s also a prize for best fancy dress so if you don’t fancy yourself as a speed demon then you’ve still got a chance, you’ve gotta be in it to win it! Check more info at BTG

Hal by sexysushi

I saw this sweet photo of Hal up on sexysushi’s flickr (used for the flyer of the BFF photo exhibition) – I’m so excited to go to Japan, it’s gonna happen one day

photo by sexysushi

the osaka fixed trick contest

Looks like this event went off big time. First I would refer you to the Weird Pista video, with crazy flatland the whole way through, it seems Japan’s way ahead with their flatland game. Teppei, Jun, Funny, YSO and others destroying, though Jun has got to be my favourite here, see 2:05 to 2:19 – hilarious!

and now here’s a bunch of my favourite photos by Yuzo Hayashi AKA BOB_WOODS of people getting low, getting high and getting tweaky freaky

pretty much just wow

Jersey City Ride Portraits

Angelo Calilap took a series of very elegant bike portraits at the recent BikeJC Ride. Well composed bike portraits work for me, I mean there’s enough going on in matching the appearance of the rider to the bicycle to keep people interested, and with a whole series of them you can’t go wrong. Here are a few of my favourites from the day, as well as a few others from the portrait set

Henry and his Stripper

Don Well Pro
Hard. Me via Chip

photos by Angelo Calilap

river city rollers

a clever little short that had me guessing at the beginning. If the actual roller racing if going to be filmed as well as this it’s sure to make a great watch – “coming to Brisbane, the River City, this December”. Oh yeah and ‘river city rollers’? what an awesome name for a motorbike gang

PretaRouler video from Blunt Films

Here’s a comprehensive and interesting documentation of the recent PretaRouler event in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival 2010. The clothes, guys hitting the 40 degree bank, some major posing and Dale busting the robes, classic. It’s a great video and showcases the event really nicely, give it a watch!