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odge wong

dope photo, great cover!



oh damn

seen over at thecomeup bmx

new stickers in the shop

spending money on things with real elegance and quality craftsmanship is amazing and all and a great thing to do, but sometimes stickers just hit all the right buttons, especially when they’re free with any purchase. we’ve just re-upped on the sticker front because people seem to love them so much, including a new set of neon stickers, exclus

LSF Ghettodrome

“riders met up with the Bradders lads on Saturday and had a jaunt on the elusive ghettodrome. Keep your ear to the ground for an event…” – sounds good guys, and the photographs by Terry Gelard are really sweet. fixed gear leeds

two quick clips from Teppei

here’s another prolly spot – more riding from one of my favourite riders Teppei AKA Nasty, this time in the form of two quick, smooth, fast and dialed lines. you can tell I’m mad stoked on them i bet, just amazing

wow they are so clean. damn damn damn

a lil’ BFF NY from ZLOG

ZLOG made a sweet brief edit of the trip to NY for the recent Bicycle Film Festival which i dig – i just remembered that Tyler rides BMX too! i was like word. looks like the bunnyhop contest went off – that dude at the end is miles high! congo’s jump is also mad impressive (below). nice one zach for putting this lil’ video together, and for the photos which can be seen at the flickr

around the shop

the shop’s pretty chill right now, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet and the sale is still on. all were dissapointed yesterday at the result of the Japan Paraguay game not least our visitors from Japan – twin japanese flatland BMX professionals and the world famous spoon fighting Rip-Zinger. come down to the shop for a visit if you’re around, there are always plenty of people chilling around and outside, up for going places and riding bicycles, you’ll like it

andy and oscar

two of my photos from a trip to mile end not long ago. dice&dice

this deserves its own post

right so this is not a bmx blog, neither is it a fixed trick bike blog, or a track bike or polo blog, but i try to include elements of different cycling endeavors to give a more rounded perspective on cycling. it happens to be that some of the most productive areas of cycling in terms of documentation is the trick scene, in that there tends to be more trick videos than any other individually, and that’s why i’ve started doing ‘today’s trick roundups’ – so they don’t swamp the whole page – but sometimes an edit deserves a post in its own right, and here is one of them

Verde BMX Hawaii Trip 2010 – first out it’s got some super rad riding from Dave Thompson, my new favourite bmx bandit (though the rest of the team are equally sick) and it seems that every trick in the edit is just steez’d out, mad creative and cleaner than Barry Scott‘s kitchen. i’ve watched this edit over and over and i’m bugging out over it. give it a watch, even if you’re not mad into bmx