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P Rod by Gabe Morford and Mike Martin

You might recognize those two last names of the title, they’re the brains behind MASH SF. Here they’ve come up with a sweet skateboarding video for Incase starring Paul Rodriguez to promote his Signature Collection. Although I don’t dig all the colourways, I think that the bags are well designed and look pretty decent, and of course P Rod’s skating speaks for itself

Tony Ride

This video made me giggle like a little girl, a bunch Irish jokers skating the Tony Hawk ‘ride’ board. It’s alright, you can do whatever you like on it because it’s not real, just a video game, right? These guys are actually good, and they pull some rad maneuvers on that thing, definitely worth a watch (their other videos too) funny stuff. Video games suck (except maybe Street Fighter) I wanna skate now

Dylan Reider for Gravis footwear

If anyone is after watching some intensely sick skateboarding, here you go. Style, variety and tricks is unbelievable, he does like his impossibles… top notch

hittin’ the sac with kris and colby

Kris of Lockedcog made this sweet little interview with MACAFRAMA maestro Colby Elrick, ‘talking about whats in the works with Maca and how he’s feeling about the fixed gear world right now’. It’s interesting to hear in a little depth about the making and distribution (heh) of the first MACAFRAMA film as well as some interesting opinions on fliming, the emerging tricks scene and more. Great little interview with an important head in the fixed gear scene, thanks Kris!

By the way, check out the new MACAFRAMA ‘childhood memories’ tees, a limited Run of 80 Shirts (40 Black, 40 White) with a sweet little graphic and modelled beautifully by the legend JOHN CARDIEL. Get ’em HERE

Emerica x Slam City Skates Laced

This is not a skateboarding blog I know but this is like, radical or something? but seriously the good guys at SLAM have teamed up with the good people of Emerica to make this collabo shoe (which looks pretty nice) and this accompanying edit. Tom Knox goes hard, which is the main reason I wanted to post it, I mean I’ve skated with this dude at Cantelowes a fair bit, but it’s way radder seeing him schlooowing some spots, mad steezy and that

P.S. HYYYYPEED to see the new Emerica video. HSU HSU HSU

Jason Dill for Supreme F/W 2010 lookbook

although with the widespread obsession with Supreme in London’s streetwear scene may have slightly weakened the exclusivity and cool factor that it may once have had over here, Supreme is still one of my favourite companies – a prime example of the power of grass roots and skate culture. Here’s a few of my favourite shots from their Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook as modeled by one of my favoutire skateboarders, NYC supremo Jason Dill. See the rest HERE

mile end with rip zinger





more photos over at dice&dice

Justin Brock vs D*Face

this sweeeeet ramp was made by local east artist D*face in collaboration with REAL skateboards – “4ft wide, 16ft tall, 8ft vert. DONE”. luckily for us the ramp is just around the corner from the shop, and it’s seriously fun! I’m stoked on the whole collaboration project, nice one D!

today’s trick roundup (1)

firstly we have a short but sweet full HD edit from Erik Vehmeyer with some sweet grinds, lines and a super clean hop bar at the start. lots of BMX influence though a good relaxed style. is FGF/FGT going HD?

next up a hot couple photos from prolly again documenting the Summer Fix LA event, good stuff! more HERE

finally, a quick skate edit from Flying Coffin Skateboards (who are associated with ALOHA FIXED I’m guessing) nicely filmed and that

some thursday skate jam

caught this over at FSU and i swear to god i watched it maybe 10 times on repeat. this video showcases some of Lakai‘s greatest skating talent, with smooth lines (the first one is my favourite) and great style all filmed in 720p HD and well edited, mad feeling this. last trick is pretty insane too