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mai gawds

back to the berg, y’all know

crazy shit from lizard king

FGL x 14 bike co trick frame

here ’tis. FGLDN & 14 Bike Co frame
Designed and hand built by SuperTed in London
Made from Reynolds 631 double butted tubing
Fillet braised construction using over sized tubing
with pierced top tube.
Fork not built by ted. That is in the works and should be done real soon.
Colour: Tox-sick yellow!

more on the fixedgearlondon photostream

yeah son

Mikey…, originally uploaded by

killing it on andy’s cruiser the other day
one of the sketchiest rides i’ve done

bike of the day 30/05/09

flickr set

the apprentice


might not be as great if you havent seen it

nike basketball MVP lil’ dez

these ‘Most Valuable Puppet’ things are halarious
you don’t even need to know anything about NBA to appreciate them
sometimes big brands get it right I guess

can I HAVE one?

mosher bike check

i liked it


14 bike co movie / Bantam Films

beautifully shot on 16mm and digitized by our mates at Bantam Films

the quality sucks on the vimeo video, hopefully we should have a better quality version to download at some point

superted with 14bikeco. enjoy!



the perry bible feelowship…

…has one thing in common with bikes: awesomeness

check it out here