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a beautiful machine

Here are some sweet pieces from the past ‘A Beautiful Machine‘ Bristol event and charity auction that I must have missed back in March/April. I’m not sure about availability of these as it was a while back but they’re sweet and deserved a post

A Beautiful Machine

halloween track bike art

Here’s one piece of poop and two shining beacons of brilliance courtesy of the track art gallery to get you hyped up for Halloween, it’s gonna be awesome

It’s so bad it’s almost good, which is pretty much what Halloween epitomizes

monster track poster by Ugalde Studios, how awesome?

and of course this stroke of unrelenting hellish brilliance from Lamour Supreme

Multi Stripe Helmet by Paul Smith

As many of you probably know I’m a hard hatter, so it’s sometimes kinda cool to see people putting some effort into making a nice looking helmet. Paul Smith has teamed up with Giro for this head shell to be released soon, and I like it. It’s minimal and clean, and although my helmet is neither of these (maybe I’ll take some photos in a sec) I rekcon it’s a pretty good choice for a hat, and hopefully it should inspire a few people to wear one, or even get cycling in the first place.

Joyride London

Ala Champfest did a sweet little write-up on the Joyride London event with photos by Ben Broomfield, including Benedict’s Motobike, Word To Mother and many many more! Check it out

Benedict Radcliffe’s finished Motobike ©

You might remember me posting photos of Ted building the Motobike for Benedict, and it’s finished now, having starred in the BFF 2010 Joyride Art Show. Luis Davis took some lovely photographs of the finished (functional) piece, doesn’t it look so awesome? Ted used features from the ESB such as the seat cluster & pierced top-tube as well as several of the tubes and of course the Reynolds 853 ESB forks and it looks pretty incredible. I want to have a go!

photos of the artist at home & the motorized whip of doom by Luis Davis

Benedict Radcliffe


I saw this over at the MASH SF blog and thought that it was pretty special, not in that someone’s saddle has been stolen, that sucks, but in that the actual poster is really cool. I mean it’s got a nice zine-y feel to it and the black on blue is awesome, as well as having a mysterious threat of ‘no good will come of you if you ride my seat”, that’s pretty awesome too. I hope the dude gets it back

BFF 2010 JOYRIDE exhibition tonight!

It’s just under an hour until the BFF London 2010 JOYRIDE art show is set to open to the public, make sure you get yourself down to that one! With artwork from Adi Gilbert, Agathe Snow, Benedict Radcliffe and many more it’ll be awsum