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Hell Track 3 video

A little late on this but I think it’s important to post some of the better bike events from around the globe – looks like another great Hell Track from Mosher

today’s trick roundup

first up here’s Fixed Project 3 from brothers Evan and Lane Daniels that I checked on ZLOG, clean hop bars, yo-yos and a barspin leg-over-bar skid combo, what more could you want?

now here’s a quick clip from WOLFDRAWN – Matt Spencer got stoked on a trick from a japanese comp so he got the camera out and practiced. Pretty cool to be driven like that, the clip is clean too!

and finally here’s Swoo’s farewell to sponsor Allcity. Some really clean riding in here, hubbas, gaps, a feeble 3-tap and more, this dude loves the big stairs too. Great edit

Backyard Mini(velo)drome

I saved this video when I saw it over at prolly‘s but haven’t watched it until now, it would be so cool having a velodrome in your back yard, even a small one like this. Someone should go around it backwards for sure


I really don’t think I understand what’s going on here, but I like it. Some PRO editing, an awesome helmet and some weird religious iconography, looks like there’s something exciting in the works. freaxed

today’s trick roundup

here’s a quick one from Felix Dol of the Geometricks crew in Paris, nollie bars eh? pretty radical and quite smooth too

next up we have a one-day-edit from a couple of the tricktrack kids manny vargas and brian itzaina. The edit is a little long at a touch over 6 minutes (which is quite impressive for one day of filming) but although it’s a good watch, with some tighter and more selective editing it could have made a pretty banging 2 minute edit. It’s still sick and there are some really good moments in there, that Manny guy has good style too, I like watching him ride

and finally a quick one from Cory Kroeger, a bike update and a few new tricks thrown in since the last edit I saw of this dude, good stuff

the osaka fixed trick contest

Looks like this event went off big time. First I would refer you to the Weird Pista video, with crazy flatland the whole way through, it seems Japan’s way ahead with their flatland game. Teppei, Jun, Funny, YSO and others destroying, though Jun has got to be my favourite here, see 2:05 to 2:19 – hilarious!

and now here’s a bunch of my favourite photos by Yuzo Hayashi AKA BOB_WOODS of people getting low, getting high and getting tweaky freaky

pretty much just wow

today’s trick roundup

first up we have a video which does contain some tricks, but is most notable for all the crazy stuff that surrounds them. Tricks wise there’s a dope wheelie 180 from Wonka and switch hop up to 360 off a big ledge from Tom LaMarche, but it’s enjoyable to watch regardless of that rad stuff. WRAHW WITCHTAPE 3

next up we have two videos that oscar sent to me, both super live. James Meliota for FlyBikes, what can I say? Creative. Technical. Different. Weird. Amazing. Any of these plus whatever else I can’t be bothered to think of, this video is sick and shows an ability to think of spots in a totally different way, it’s inspiring

and last but definitely not least, here’s some ridiculous skating from Albert Nyberg. from the Newsoul skateboards promo ‘You got soul‘ (click to see the whole thing) this guy is ridiculously technical in a gnarly way. Loads of tricks I wouldn’t normally dig but so so rad how he does them and down/into/out of whatever, I mean you can take any trick in this and just boggle over how the hell he does it for like 10 minutes, crazy

rocket bicycle life

I saw this video from Indonesian Rocket Bicycle over at prolly‘s and I rather enjoyed watching it. Plenty of fast & group riding, as well as slo mo shots and bad fixed gear tricks, way 2008 and it’s awesome. It’s so interesting to see the scene in other countries mirroring the progression we’ve already gone through here and in the US, and for all of those who didn’t experience it when it happened over here this video should give you a reasonable idea, check it

river city rollers

a clever little short that had me guessing at the beginning. If the actual roller racing if going to be filmed as well as this it’s sure to make a great watch – “coming to Brisbane, the River City, this December”. Oh yeah and ‘river city rollers’? what an awesome name for a motorbike gang

PretaRouler video from Blunt Films

Here’s a comprehensive and interesting documentation of the recent PretaRouler event in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival 2010. The clothes, guys hitting the 40 degree bank, some major posing and Dale busting the robes, classic. It’s a great video and showcases the event really nicely, give it a watch!