Monthly Archives: January 2010

am to pm

“4am to 4pm today as seen through my iphone” by Cameras and Cranksets features some surprisingly nice pictures (considering its on a phone) with some notable 14bikeco reppin. big up to all my guys

photos by richard kenworthy

the rad hat

got a city-cycling-confidence-complex? get one of these. bound to make you feel totally badass and it has the added bonus of scaring the hell out of kids. goonish


sick long beach edit

multiple good stuffs in here, including some nice 180’s, 720 tap and fakie stair hop at the end. sick!



this frame is ill


more midwest

another good edit:

more good photos:

by peru_the_tit

flickr set


freestyle fixed

see this is definately a fitting use of the term freestyle fixed. some very technical balance based tricks, mostly translated directly from flatland BMX. very impressive too. I can see a sub-scene emerging…


gus & his new 14bikeco concor

gus (one of our riders) wanted to get in on the 14bikeco x san marco concor saddle deal, so he got one, though on condition that he would pose seductively with it on demand (he insisted)

big up to all my guys