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forgetfulness by billy collins

don’t worry these are bikes in there somewhere

some people at the shop said they don’t like poetry. are you saying that you don’t like this? come on now you mong poetry is the business

burrito project

well these guys are just great

“A group of college students (from UCI and UCR) giving love to the homeless out in Downtown Santa Ana, California by simply handing out burritos and having a conversation. They cook and prepare the burritos on a Saturday then the next day they drive out to Santa Ana with their bikes and ride around the city passing out burritos to the people.”


locks and locks

photo by JSN.M

oscar at victoria park


two rad vintage finds

seen both on Milano Fixed

Force India F1

some of the guys went to visit force india f1, and andy took some phone photos. I wasn’t there so can’t divulge any information but i’m guessing it was pretty sick.

dear god

anytime BMX jam 3

great flyer by Mike Bertino (who i’ve put up here before for radness)

via // facebook // mike bertino

just mean