Monthly Archives: April 2009

the 5-0

the po po in denmark. check it

thanks all for making tonight great!

superted footage will be up soon….

mike giant x cinelli

james jarvis onwards from the inside

I posted the james jarvis ‘onwards’ video, and equally interesting is this interview about it

check it out

P.S. tomorrow, 7pm onwards (haha) truman brewery, brick lane
be there or miss out

eastpak bag from vans

nick from vans sent over this bag, which is like beyond rad
pretty over engineered. i like it

check le pictures

le bag


big enough for a hemet

nice adjustable front clippy thing

THANKS NICK! well stoked on this for some reason

also got a load more stuff from vans today, some hella sweet stuff, but I’ll post that stuff on the fixedgearlondon blog

more on the flickr set

nice style

From the lack of use of foot retention for the most part, I’m gonna guess this dude has a history in bmx
not that it makes it any less impressive

really stylish
nice steez

aloha fixed



vans, goldtec and 14 bike co giving away prizes at thurday’s Fixed Mag issue 3 opening night,

14 bike co. truman brewery from cool o’clock onward1