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PretaRouler video from Blunt Films

Here’s a comprehensive and interesting documentation of the recent PretaRouler event in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival 2010. The clothes, guys hitting the 40 degree bank, some major posing and Dale busting the robes, classic. It’s a great video and showcases the event really nicely, give it a watch!

ow ow ow

I’m all battered and bruised from riding with oscar today, it’s been awesome. A crisp and bright Sunday with only brief interludes of rain, nothing serious either. I think the footage is going to be used for a 14 global riders edit, so that’s something to look forward to

awesome car right? The dude was just chillin at the lights so I sneaked a snap, and yeah I took a slam beforehand and halfway down the road I had to stop because my foot was absolutely caaaaning. I don’t really know what the deal is with my foot, I’m pretty sure it’s nothing serious but hot dayum. Torn off scabs, swollen knee, bruised palms, a mysteriously painful foot and a totally annihilated front wheel – you know it’s been a good day

Tony Fast – 180° Hop Bar

Gary Wilpizeski took some great shots of our Philly ripper Tony Fast hitting some 180 bar hops at top of the bank, viewable over at his flickr photostream.
I dig these a lot but apparently the ‘good shots’ will surface later, can’t wait!

photos by Gary Wilpizeski

you know my steez

zero man on road can match Jacob’s steez, zero

today’s trick roundup

first up we have two videos from the Rotterdam ‘Death or Glory‘ trick jam organised by Roy of Rotterdam Fixed Gear and 24K bike shop. Here’s the more elegant of the two, filmed and edited by the Geometrick boys of Paris, which shows a lot of Roy and Oscar killing it! Roy’s got the fakie wheelies down, boom

next up here’s Juliet’s edit, filmed by Dave of FGL on his iphone and strung together by the madam herself for interwebs. Oscar’s bringing the heat! faceplant at 2:57 ooosh

and finally here’s a chilled skatepark edit from Joshua Boothby, it’s good but I know the dude can ride better. Still a sick edit

Pret a Rouler bicycle fashion show last night at the barbican

some of the 4TN collection pieces were featured in last night’s Bicycle Film Festival event the Pret a Rouler bicycle fashion show, as showcased by some of our riders and friends. I sessioned the 40 degree ramp for a bit before the event started then watched some films accompanied by live electronic beats, before watching the catwalk & ramp session. Overall it was a great event and although the ramp was REALLY difficult to hit guys still managed to bust maneuvers and model some sweet (and sometimes strange) garms. The piano was great too…

here are a few snaps I spotted on the Hugger Industries flickr. yess gus

photos by Hugger Industries

Hip Leeds x 4TN x LSF Alleycat video

here’s a great edit from the recently passed event to launch the 4TN collection in HIP leeds and the surrounding alleycat filmed by Darren Lee. Check it out mang


philly mixtape 6

Another great edit from the boys in Philadelphia featuring riding from Carl DeBeauclair, Tony Fast, Jesse Jambox, Drew Leshko, Sean Rosner and Tom LaMarche. Tony really shines in this edit, and that’s not just me being biased because he’s my boy, dude’s been ripping recently… Tom’s 3 was rad too

reports on Death or Glory

there are some write-ups now present online from Roy’s ‘Death or Glory’ trick jam that happened over the weekend in his home town of Rotterdam. One post to take particular note of is Juliet’s, interesting, funny and quite thorough! There’s also a couple of photos from Mathieu Prentout and one from Augustin Gus Dol Maillot that I liked, as well as an edit below, check it!

rad. oscar absolutely killed it

Greg Falski’s photos from Rotterdam

I just missed out on this trip to Rotterdam for Roy’s ‘Death or Glory‘ trick jam because of school commitments I had yesterday (assesments) and I’m really bummed I couldn’t make it. Luckily I didn’t miss out on everything as Greg Falski took a whole load of amazing photos of the action. Our own Oscar “Tiger” Khan came out on top of the pack with first place, followed by Simon “Gomok” Andraca of Paris and Gus “Lil’ Big Man” Mallet. Congratulations guys! Looks like a good amount of street spots got sessioned too!

photos by Greg Falski