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phone bike mount

I was trying to find better ways to film while riding with oscar the other day, and I figured there must be good solutions for bike-mounted filming, even if it is only with a phone (seeing as the video capabilities on phones are increasing so rapidly). Here’s an iPhone mount system from Shapeways I found, and it looks pretty decent but I’m not convinced it’s the out-and-out answer, I might have to do some DIY bungee-cord experimenting… otherwise check it out HERE, probably quite useful for the GPS mokeys

check out this sweet use of bike-mounted filming, pretty cool right?

today’s trick roundup

first up here’s Fixed Project 3 from brothers Evan and Lane Daniels that I checked on ZLOG, clean hop bars, yo-yos and a barspin leg-over-bar skid combo, what more could you want?

now here’s a quick clip from WOLFDRAWN – Matt Spencer got stoked on a trick from a japanese comp so he got the camera out and practiced. Pretty cool to be driven like that, the clip is clean too!

and finally here’s Swoo’s farewell to sponsor Allcity. Some really clean riding in here, hubbas, gaps, a feeble 3-tap and more, this dude loves the big stairs too. Great edit


I’ve never seen fed riding any bikes this ill but it’s definitely the met. hopefully we’ll be seeing some officers getting rad on these bad boys soon (via SFGFC)

though I’m not sure whether it’s really going to happen… I’d settle for this

three photos

Here are three interesting photos from my flickr surfing, two from Prolly‘s most recent Austin escapades and a minimal B&W beauty from Brenton Salo, check it

photos by John Watson

photo by Brenton Salo

Hal by sexysushi

I saw this sweet photo of Hal up on sexysushi’s flickr (used for the flyer of the BFF photo exhibition) – I’m so excited to go to Japan, it’s gonna happen one day

photo by sexysushi

today’s trick roundup

here’s a quick one from Felix Dol of the Geometricks crew in Paris, nollie bars eh? pretty radical and quite smooth too

next up we have a one-day-edit from a couple of the tricktrack kids manny vargas and brian itzaina. The edit is a little long at a touch over 6 minutes (which is quite impressive for one day of filming) but although it’s a good watch, with some tighter and more selective editing it could have made a pretty banging 2 minute edit. It’s still sick and there are some really good moments in there, that Manny guy has good style too, I like watching him ride

and finally a quick one from Cory Kroeger, a bike update and a few new tricks thrown in since the last edit I saw of this dude, good stuff

Mixtmeat welcomes Ramesh Kumar Vishwakarma

Looks like Ric’s having an amazing time traveling in India, and I really liked his post over at the Mixtmeat blog concerning young Ramesh, who has ridden for three days from his village to pick up his mother from the train station. Check out the full story HERE, what a cool kid

Rodney’s Sword

No it’s not some sexual innuendo, I saw these photographs of Rodney’s FBM Sword over at the Lockedcog blog and thought they were well worth the repost. Probably the strangest and perhaps the bestest paintjob I’ve seen on a fixed frame (though I’m not sure it’s technically a paintjob?) and whereas I’m not convinced by the choice of wheels, this is just fat bald men killing it as usual

photos by Eric Rihlmann

the osaka fixed trick contest

Looks like this event went off big time. First I would refer you to the Weird Pista video, with crazy flatland the whole way through, it seems Japan’s way ahead with their flatland game. Teppei, Jun, Funny, YSO and others destroying, though Jun has got to be my favourite here, see 2:05 to 2:19 – hilarious!

and now here’s a bunch of my favourite photos by Yuzo Hayashi AKA BOB_WOODS of people getting low, getting high and getting tweaky freaky

pretty much just wow