see all clips on our vimeo HERE (minus the one below sorry 😦 )

beautifully shot on 16mm and digitized by our mates at Bantam Films

the quality sucks on the vimeo video, hopefully we should have a better quality version to download at some point

superted with 14bikeco. enjoy!


5 responses to “Films

  1. i want to watch but it’s private?

    • boo indeed. unfortunately its not on my account so I can’t change it
      I’ll be away for a few days but after that I’ll try and sort it

  2. Hi John,

    Is the new issue out of fixed yet?

    Keep popping in, but everytime it seems to be coming out next week!

    If it is please let me know and I will try and pop in tomorrow. Saying that, what time will you be open?



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