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this is quite interesting.
gocycle is an electric bike that boasts quite a few features, including a real strange twin saddle/bars adjustment system, tool free removable wheels (easy to steal too by the looks of it) and when collapsed fits around in a little wheeley box. I reckon the ideas are pretty nifty, although you may as well HTFU and get a ‘proper’ bike haha

Picture 2

Picture 1

check out the annoyingly heavy website at

and here’s a video review on youtube:

oh god that video is awful. ‘if you’re tired, going up a steep hill, you don’t have to pedal at all!’ I doubt it mate

also, look how mashed the shifters are… what have you been doing with it?? eurgh and its ONLY got three gears – terrible

Picture 3

‘you can have a fine ride with very little exercise’, casually undermining one of the key reasons people choose to ride bikes, brilliant

and ‘look! no hands!’ wowee mister that is mighty impressive, but wait, you DO have one hand on the bars, but if you say so… amazing

Picture 4

‘I can see it taking off in London, which let’s face it, is pretty hilly’ good one

‘admittedly it’s very expensive, at £1,100 – not for the casual cycle rider’ yaaa

sorry this wasn’t supposed to be a video review but when I found it I realised that I had stumbled across blithering idiot gold, and felt i should share it


more photo’s on the dice&dice blog to check if you so desire

watch out for some t-shirts soon!

dice&dice blog

bike of the day 31/08/09

photo catalogue

happy carnival! “east london biggup yourself, west london biggup yourself. DUNNNOOO”

once again shop open bank holiday monday 11-5 – ted’s bar/stem combo

this is for his track bike, which will be revealed shortly…


all guns blazing

this video is cool, because everyone is going hella fast and fully committing to the tricks, as well as that the quality of the riding is good etc. and not too badly shot


love them full speed 180’s


handmade stems

We can make you a custom handbuilt stem. ooooh fancy
i think it looks dope

roll 3

up on the dice&dice blog, here are a couple

loads more in the flickr set


I’m diggin the funkiness of this bike. well good


friday afternoon was wet

and i got stuck in the shop for a while. so we ate mama thai’s
+ random shop pics. hell yes

also, we have a new display area type thing, and WHEEEEELS

Bank Holiday

it might be a Bank Holiday this coming Monday, and although the bankers may be having some fun, there is no rest for the wicked, and thus we will be open from 11am – 5pm
drop in if you fancy