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Bootleg sessions v.3 premiere

wow today was hot. here are 2 of my cats chillin in the crib

in other news, we held the Bootleg Sessions V.3 premiere today – pretty great
on offer were free vans waffles and tons of red bull and there was a great turnout
the movie was sick, especially the sam miller, tony&tom, prolly and the bonus bootlegs šŸ˜€
Everyone seemed to have fun, the shop was only just dark enough to see the image on the screen, but it turned out reasonably visible, so that was all good
after the movie finished we arranged a little trick comp, footdown, trackstand and skid comp (:/)
prizes from VANS and CHARGE, pretty sick, and we all had a laugh
‘Fritz’ busted himself up on a high speed skid collision – not with a child but with our favourite Bistro joint (AlVolo) and cut himself pretty bad, but managed to get a photo in (below) heal up soon homie!
after that, rambunctious activity continued up on London’s famous the car park
Alva the dog also was a definite highlight. but keep off the booze you hear??

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more images etc to be found ont he FLICKR SET

oh cool, street art!

haha street art. oooh street art

anyway, I liked some of the stuff sickboy Anthony Lister has been popping out

very nice

gran compe drop barsss

look quite nice I reckon, although surprisingly few people are busting drops these days



available here

seen at spinwell

Bootleg premiere

Is in full swing, trick comp to follow


first up – ‘he doesn’t suck at skids’ JFK all day
funny little video, good to see a sense of humour ya know
although dudes, you need to get strapped in for those wheelies, sonny jim
an enjoyable video


also, some funny shit from mattlingo


reminds me of a Hell Yeah! t-shirt


also, I like this stuff by Robert Buelteman; “photos that seem to portray the life force of his subjects as the very process destroys them” by pumping 80,000 volts through ’em
and one for gus

and I’m sorry, but this is blasphemy:

NOOOOOOO! seen here

also, FixedGearGirlTaiwan did a nice blog post on the London Fixed Girls!
which you can see here

Picture 1

Duncan’s bike has been stolen

Duncan – part owner of the shop – has had his bike stolen as of yesterday
the bike was taken directly out of the shop, in the hubbub of sunday in the truman brewery

unfortunately we cannot trace a photo of the bike yet, (although we are working on it)
but the basic visual specs are as follows

turquoise 14 bike co track frame
silver miche hubs
purple anodised deep section rims
black grunge short stem on 1″ quil to a-head adaptor
narrow(ish) black nitto riser bars
black soyo grips
powergrips on pruple odyssey twisted pc pedals
miche advanced cranks
campagnolo headset

he is offering the frame and forks for the return of the bicycle,
although any information regarding the incident would be appreciated

since this incident has occurred, we remind customers that they are welcome to bring their bicycles into the shop (and normally to rest against the wall) whilst browsing around, but all bikes are left at the customer’s disposal, and 14bikeco cannot accept any responsibility for the security of your bicycle

of course for servicing / maintenance work the bike will be taken into the workshop, but otherwise bikes are left at the customer’s risk.

sorry for being boring, but shit happens and there are some things we need to clarify

here’s an amusing picture to lighten the mood


cranky pants

got some pink sugino RD (messenger) cranks in, and also some black Sugino 75’s! yeee, son

more HERE

Cinelli MASH HED 6

coming to eat your babies

more HERE

shark fin trick comp

some cool stuff in here
crazy wallride sheez



sea shepherd

messing about at southbank

Picture 1