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RIGIDA DP-18 – the rim of choice


Chari & Co shipment

We’ve received our first proper Chari & Co product shipment, t-shirts, hats, stickers and more! It’s fair to say we’re pretty stoked on this, as the only UK stockist of this rad product, watch out for it in store! Chari & Co NYC

wish bone

purple anodized 75’s

I remember posting about these cranks we anodized like a year ago, and they’re still just as banging today, I think I gotta get me some o these bad boys

Mission Workshop: Rondel SPD Sneaker

a polished and playful video of the Mission Workshop Rondel SPD Sneaker in action: cycling, chilling and everything in between. Remember we’ve got the Rondel in stock at the shop so if you’re into buying a pair or just checking them out in person pop over, they’re totally awesome shoes

top caps and compression bolts for the ESB

when Superted was developing the ESB with us he decided to use a compression bolt system, but there weren’t any one else’s we wanted to use so we made our own, and the same was true for the top cap of our integrated headset setup. These pieces were CNC machined in the UK from 7000 series T6 aerospace quality aluminium, and seriously they’re the lightest solution you could have as well as eliminating the issues with starnuts slipping and threadless headset issues from heavy impact riding

fixedgearlondon jackets

perfect for the inevitable winter wetness. Depressing I know but you may at least be prepared, and these jackets make for an amazing weatherproof top layer

Pret a Rouler bicycle fashion show last night at the barbican

some of the 4TN collection pieces were featured in last night’s Bicycle Film Festival event the Pret a Rouler bicycle fashion show, as showcased by some of our riders and friends. I sessioned the 40 degree ramp for a bit before the event started then watched some films accompanied by live electronic beats, before watching the catwalk & ramp session. Overall it was a great event and although the ramp was REALLY difficult to hit guys still managed to bust maneuvers and model some sweet (and sometimes strange) garms. The piano was great too…

here are a few snaps I spotted on the Hugger Industries flickr. yess gus

photos by Hugger Industries

new superted baby stickers

We’ve restocked on the baby-size Superted stickers, this time in a variety of colours to suit any whip/laptop/phone/helmet you can think of. Pick a couple up in store or wait out for a tiny bit longer to order some through the webshop!

14bikeco sprockets

One of the aims of 14bikeco is to support UK manufacturing and bicycle component fabrication, supporting an industry of some real quality that’s being crushed by the pressures of cheap Asian labor and manufacturing. Part of this is sourcing components from UK companies like Goldtec (BETD) and Brooks leather goods, but part of it is to make our own products, such as hubs, chainrings, top caps, frames (of course) and now sprockets. Made in the The Queen’s own England, they are CNC Machined from high grade 17-4PH Stainless Steel, combining high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. They should be available for purchase in a variety of sizes as of a week Monday (18th) for £25