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bike of the day offcuts

I’m sorry if the posts aren’t very focused at the moment but I’m having slight problems with internet connection, and I can’t get to the shop as I’m in the land of Sgian Dhubhs and Nessie of the Loch. I was checking through some of the photo catalogue bikes and noticed that a few had been left unpublished, and since the photos by Greg Falski are so nice, I thought it would be a shame not to show ’em. Here they be

view the complete set HERE

bike of the day 5/01/10

matrix bike. not my favourite but still


bike of the day 03/01/10

I forgot that I had a couple of shots left unpublished in the photo catalogue, so here’s another bike of the day. enjoy

photo catalogue

magalog re-up

prolly very nicely fixed up the cover (it was in format to print), and I wanted to re-up it so that people could find it. It will now also reside in the “ABOUT” section at the top, so y’all can get at it n that.

14bikeco august/winter 2009 magalog (2.7MB)

thanks for the picture! (via)

14 bike co magalog

just check it out!


download it HERE (2.7MB)

bike of the day 13/10/09


bike of the day 5.10.09

RAWWWWWW coming hard

build photo catalogue

bike of the day 4.10.09


bike of the day 31/08/09

photo catalogue

happy carnival! “east london biggup yourself, west london biggup yourself. DUNNNOOO”

bike of the day 27/07/09

haven’t had one of these in a while…