Monthly Archives: September 2010

sneak peak of the hip x 14bikeco bike

the hip x 14bikeco event is popping off tonight, here’s a sneak peak of the bike we built up for it, more to come. Bit of a marmite one but it’s grown on me, I love it!

Kriss Kyle BSD TrailOrPark Frame Edit.

I saw this over on thecomeup bmx and my brain ended up all over my walls, it’s that ridiculous. Seriously I didn’t realise some stuff in this edit was even possible. I will say no more

bike in the shop of the day (BINTSOTD)

Just back from Chicksands, this bike is serious! Rocking the BETD made Bergtec hubs and the Tree splined sprocket, he flips it up to fixed sometimes, so rad!

thursdays laughs

I haven’t think I’ve seen a fixed gear video that made me laugh this much in a long time, again with Council of DOOM delivering the youtube gold!

today’s trick roundup

first up we have RALL of Planet Hops crew’s Summer 2010 edit. Good shots, well edited with some serious riding, full cab at 1:18 sooo ill, proper edit!

next up here’s a short and super underground looking clip of Wonka in Seoul seen over at flwrider busting a sweet feeble grind, cleeean!

and finally here’s Dust’n’Bones, a pistamondo ‘Easy ridin’ Stuttgart edit with Dennis Fischer and Thorsten Klöpfer. I haven’t heard of these dudes before but they’re good! some interesting spot riding in there

Matt Lingo for Leader Bikes 2010-2011

To see more shots from the catalogue with Tyler looking uber-dapper as well as Lingo’s own commentary on the shooting head over to Matt Lingo’s blog

all photos by Matt Lingo

Jamil and Mike by Zach Hoffner

I was surfing flickr when this little beauty cropped up, a B&W 35mm snap from Zach Hoffner of ZLOG. Apart from the fact that the photo is just generally quite dope, it shows something that you’ll normally spend more time doing than actually riding and you don’t normally see in edits or photoshoots, just watching your mates. It’s actually something I’ve really missed from not having ridden for so long, but I had my final (hopefully) physiotherapy session today! I can’t go full blast on the jumping stuff but I can actually get back on my bike now, stoked

sick. so sick

prolly was on point with this spot, an advert for lightspeed mobile, sick. It’s genuinely funny and a decent little advert, quite american but sick, so sick.

gary baseman is so fixie

I think fixie should be an adjective, like “that dude’s fixie” or “mang the weather is so not fixie”… I saw this image over on flwrider and, being a gary baseman fan as I am, I was wondering whether anyone knows anything about it? I reckon a gary baseman bike would probably end up pretty awesome (collabo time yo) Anyone got the exclusse scoop?

Toro Quality Goods and lockedcog Kris

I think this is going to have to be modelling post 1 for today, watch out for the other two in a second. Kris of lockedcog rode in this sweet little video for Toro Quality Goods, who I hadn’t heard of before, but I have a suspicion that we might be seeing some more of in the near future. A mixture of road riding and a little bit of trick action (all very civilized) makes for an entertaining watch. Although by the end I’d seen enough of the not in focus/in focus shots, there are some really nice photographic moments in there for sure. Also check out this t-shirt they do below, cool right?