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thug attempts to steal bike

so who is this dude, like the game or summin? what a douchebag. here’s one of those videos where the guy filming gets no help from anybody and is just left stranded in the right trying to instill some sense in the thwarted and fearful general public. there are so many clear faceshots of those involved so hopefully the dude can get legal action reasonably easily. i’ma beat you up

today’s trick roundup (1)

alright so first up is a sweet little edit from some kids on trick track, and although it starts off a little slow, one of those kids can really move his bike around, mad impressed. worth a watch

next up a quickie from Marwin Ou AKA the wizard, another master of scoop and huckery, some technical riding right there. just flatground in this one but fun to watch still. last combo is dope

and finally another installment of witchtape magic from WRAHW, with mad sick riding from Lamarche, wonka, Dinh, Mosher, Schmitt and more. damn i love watching tom lamarche ride fast

that’s all for now. just noticed i wrote almost exactly the same amount for each video description, some spooky right thurr

more on the Fast Forward event LA

saw the link to these awesome photos by ace.carretero on tracko, and thought they were pretty damn sweet, so i figured i’d repost them. there’s a sweet albeit brief writeup on the event on the-sleepers too which you should check out. good stuff all round, impressive on a g10 as well!

check out the rest of the photos right here

a couple of sweet bikes and stuff

okey doke so first i wanted to put up this absolute stonker of a track bike that prolly posted up, a mad beautiful vintage Caceg track beast, with some beautiful details and a paint job that is nothing short of luscious. nice find john! it’s on EBAY now, but i’m sure it’ll fetch a pretty penny indeed

next up a real sweet photo by futura – he takes a lot of this style of picture but this one works best, very nice stuff

and finally some metallico bars seen at kentalog, now available as bullhorns. chop job? i don’t know, they still look like totally urban and sick on your njs bike

profile splined sprockets in stock

“The Profile Spline Drive sprocket is manufactured from 7075 Aluminum in the USA. This sprocket requires no sprocket bolt, instead it has a hardened CrMo steel insert in that matches up to the 48 splines in your Profile BB spindle” – straight from the horse’s mouth. we currently have 36T Black, 39T Black, 42T Black/Silver in stock, though they’re sure to sell out mad fast so be sure to get yours promptly. £70

two photos by luis davis

some familiar faces there!
great photographs from luis davis of freakstreets – be sure to check it out!

the road to fast friday

here’s a really great video i spotted over at prolly‘s of the cadence/dvs event that went down at the Encino Velodrome on June 27, 2010. there’s a mix of trick and track riding (crazy i know) and it’s a really entertaining edit. looks like a great success so congratulations to everyone involved. check the flickr set too

building a bike

here’s a great video from Brad Bishop shot by Andy Timpson titled “A Good Day.” – documenting the sacred ritual of putting a brand new bike together
it’s really well shot and the editing is crisp and on point. makes me stoked to build up a fast bike for this summer

What does a pirate eat for dessert?

Vanillarrrrr ice-cream of course! or maybe a fab, either is good

it is scorching out. sucks to be you everyone not able to enjoy this beautiful English summer sunshine. thanks to mon for capturing the moment

girl talk

i’m not singling out girls for any reason right here apart from the fact that i am, that’s just how this post is gonna go. victoria pendleton is up first with a quite enjoyable and watchable advert for gatorade, chasing around Ali C (not danny mac this time lads) and getting smug. i may not be a massive fan of the drink but gatorade seems to be on point with it’s bike advertising at the moment, first the whole nigel sylvester series and now this. i’m diggin’ it for sure

and next up it’s Tama of FLAT FIX just having a little flat session, nothing mad just a quick video of her practicing – nice backwards riding though. i dunno, i guess she’s cute too which helps. haha kiddding yo

that’s all, not so bad then eh. i leave you with this gem