14 Bike Co, 13 Elys Yard
The Truman Brewery
London E1 6QL

for all inquiries please send an email to

the shop is often busy so we prefer not to use the phone, but we answer all emails


189 responses to “contact

  1. Dominic Braouard

    What time are you open till… do you have a phone number? Its quite hard to find you guys online do you have an official site or just blog pages…?

    If you could get back to me ASAP, thanks

    tel: death death and more death 118 118 ask for Dominic

    • as it says on ‘about’: The shop is open from 10 til 7, Monday to Friday and 11 til 6 on Sunday and Saturday.

      the website is being currently being worked on, and should be completed soon


  2. Hey Guys,

    I am looking to purchase a lovely simply styled single speed.

    Do you guys do a base level model – i.e. great value for money at under £400..?



    • Nope, we build bespoke custom cycles – traditionally handbuilt track frames made to order
      we also avoid selling complete/OTP bikes and instead we go through componentry with the customer to ensure every customer gets exactly what they want
      this also means that prices are not fixed because different components cost different amounts
      the average price for a complete build is about £1,100 and the minimum we can do will be about £975
      custom built framesets start at £450 with Colombus zona tubing


  3. do you teach how to build by your self , repair and clean properly a fixed made with your components? (Workshops or similar?)

    • if you come in and ask us, I’m sure we could help you out with tips on bike maintenance etc
      otherwise we offer a free service on customers’ bikes a month or so after we build them to make sure everything is running smoothly is also a good place for learning/asking about bike maintenance,
      also is a good hub of information online. thanks!

  4. hello john,

    i came in Sunday and purchased a hub and spokes, i wanted to lace it to a b43 rim ,

    but i’m not sure if the spoke are the right size, i’ve lace it up and everything,

    can’t get the spokes tight due to the lack of wheel building tools i have (the rim is far too deep)

    just wondering if you could sort it out for me today

    thank you

    Nicky Clark

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  6. hi~
    where is 14 bike co shop?

    • its all on the ‘About’ page of the blog, but i’ll put it here anyway
      the address is 14 Bike Co, 13 Elys Yard, The Truman Brewery, E1 6QL.

  7. Morning all – are you expecting any Goldtecs in anytime soon? Cheers for now

  8. Want a new fixie video for you or the shop? Get the best yet MACAFRAMA.. It is sick.
    Get me info. payment and shipping.

    • what does this comment even mean?
      I liked Macaframa, and we should be getting some soon
      thats the info


  9. Would you like to order them from us here at ALLY I know that 14bikeco. wants them they just ordered em’

    Thanks for the support John.

  10. ok ive got the address, but since i havent been in london for a while but will drop by this week, (from paris…So yeah i guess i m french and not great with maps…..;-))

    closest metro station is????

    see u soon….

    • its really near liverpool street station
      basically you could ask someone how to get to spitalfields market from the station,
      then from spitalfields market ask someone how to get to the truman brewery
      and then you’ve found us!

      its really really close

  11. Hey get a hold of me if you still want the MACAFRAMA I have the 50 in the box still waiting.
    I need to know so if I can just restock them. Please get back to me will you.

  12. Mikey Merk I live in SF CA wondering about your grey team pro do you still have it

    Let me know,

  13. Nice blog…..we’re a bunch of guys riding fixed in Beijing…just had our first ever Beijing Alley Cat…I do travelled a lot and hope to see visit the store. You guys are always welcome to Beijing.

  14. i have an old Holdsworth track frame that i’d like to put one of the sweet Profile chainrings that i’ve seen on some on the 14 bikes in the shop – I’d be looking for a 44t in silver – are they bmx cranks and how does that work with a regular BB or the one bit cranks on a bmx??? also could you tell me the price if you have it – and maybe price of correct BB, cranks and fitting
    ? thx d

    • personally I’d rather claw my eyes out with a balloon filled with TCP than think about putting a bmx crankset on a holdsworth track frame, although you could, and information on how to do so is all over the internet, for example there are two forum threads on the subject here and here:

      it’s likely to be more expensive, and BMX cranks are not ideally suited for track bikes, as they are likely to have a wider q-factor amongst other things, but if that’s what floats you boat then that’s fine. I have heard that Profile Racing are in the process of designing and creating a bmx style crank specifically for fixed gear, which should remedy some of the problems had in putting bmx cranks on track bikes, but until then you are likely to have to compromise something to do it. normally I would just advise talking to our head mechanic / shop manager Jacob, but he’s in Japan, and the other boys are in Germany

      If you can’t find the answers you are looking for on the internet then come and talk to ted or someone after they get back (on the 6th or 7th)


  15. hey guys!
    I´m mexican and… I don´t speak english!
    les comento que su website me ha inspirado a tomar mi bicicleta para arreglarla y empezar a rodar. Ahora la uso para ir a trabajar, ir a la tienda o pasear por las calles o los parques. Además los visito casi todos los días.
    su pagina esta chingona!.

  16. Hi,

    I just bought some feet belts, was just wondering if they came In pairs or singular, as I only got one and guess I just assumed they came in pairs.



  17. Yo!

    Just got me a bike.

    Need a lock. Whats one you recomend that you can wack round your waist or like sling over shoulder…?

    do you sell any?
    Cheers dude


    • yeah man, got kryptonite ya know

      faggedaboutit new york d locks. thats what you want
      thats what we got

      its £90, and that includes insurance (through kryptonite) for about £1000 or so

  18. Hey guys how’s it going. Would it be possible at all to order a set of stickers?
    Thanks for your time.


  19. Hey guys-
    Came in a while ago, saw the purple anodised seat post-You still got that adn what size is it-Do you do shims for seat posts?



  20. Hey guys

    Ive got some threaded forks, just put a threadless headset on and have had to put the old threaded ring on top, do you sell any of these in nice colours?

  21. Hi,

    I have seen on here that you have made bikes that are just bare metal with treated coating. I was wondering if you do full servicing of bikes and if you also do paint jobs/paint stripping/coating at the same time?

    I have looked at your about page but the info is a little vague – I would like the following:
    • Paint/Stickers stripped to metal
    • Frame either coated or painted white or black
    • Full service of bike and components
    – Headset needs looking at
    – New brake sets to both wheels and handles
    – Bottom Bracket/Pedal stems need
    – All other areas of bike need to be looked at too.

    Could you provide a price to my email (not including parts) I am aiming to spend a bit on the bike.

    • yo there’s an email to contact this sort of thing through on the ‘contact’ page

      basically the answer is basically yes we can, specifics could be sorted through dropping an email to:

  22. Hi MikeyMerk,

    I have sent an email already – Awaiting reply though. I have already contact other bike shops in your area.

    Shall I send another email?

    Could I suggest a contact form plugin for your site – it might make contact questions much better for you – if you need help setting it up I would be glad to help:

    I have it on my website and its so easy to implement/use.

    Just a thought!

  23. ahhhhhhh! i just got a pair of JOL’s gurney straps this afternoon and they have all ready changed my life! thanks! xxxk

  24. Hi guys,

    I’ve been emailing John for a week or so now with regards to an interview that he agreed to do for an article i’m writing, but as of yet have heard no response and its becoming quite urgent.

    As I can’t get hold of the stores number, I’ve had to resort to this another form of contact…

    If I could please get a response to my emails, it would be greatly appreciated.


    • Aight so yo
      john is a very busy man as I’m sure you appreciate, as he’s pretty much single handedly running the show, so although he tries to respond to ever email ( in a reasonable time, shit happens and he sometimes forgets
      I will ask him about it, and drop him an email to remind him


  25. Still no word from him, and my deadline is a day away… Any chance you can mirculously get his attention before Wednesday? I’m all out of options here.

    • I think he has been away for a little (not sure if abroad or not), for some shop stuff
      he just arrived on the train, and he’ll call me when he’s in the shop, and I’ll remind him

  26. yo mikey
    can we see your new bike allready?
    what frame is it?
    i wana see it!
    i love your photography dude

  27. i was wondering i could get my dropouts cut of and have rear facing dropouts. could you do that? and hour much


  28. shop14 being used on the youtube homepage as “fixie store” for an ipod advert?!…

  29. Hello I’m Cire from Venice California here in the US. I love your framesets and I wanted to know if shipping the frame is an option?

  30. Hi, I am looking to buy my first single speed/ fixie bike but dont want to spend over £300 (as im only 14 and will grow) i wish i could afford one of yours. Could u recommend a cheap (preferbly complete) first fixe?

    • my only advice = a good bike aint cheap and a cheap bike aint good
      with most things associated with these bikes, you get what you pay for
      you may not want to spend loads on a bike, but if you buy something crap then you will end up spending much more in the long term upgrading parts until eventually you end up with something completely different – which you could have just bought in the first place!

      what I would do is either:-
      +borrow/ride someone else’s bike for a bit to make sure that fixed gear is for you, then save like crazy to get something really special
      +buy a cheap (reynolds 531 if possible) road bike that fits you, strip off all excess, buy a back wheel (convert) -but keep it cheap! as there’s no point in spending a lot of money for what is effectively a bodge- then after a year or so you’ll either have dropped fixed gear, or you’ll decide that you want something that works well and save up for a new bike (above)
      or finally
      +buy a (charge plug/surly steamroller) if you’re considering doing some tricks at some point, or a fuji track or something, then upgrade parts as you go, though it may prove expensive!

      thats a lot more than I was planning on writing

      remember- a good bike aint cheap and a cheap bike aint good

  31. Hellow 14 Bike co.

    My name is BEE from TOKYO.

    Thank you very much for putting an my trick movie on a blog before.

    I’ll follow twitter up.

  32. Thank you!

    It’s expected of an achievement of future 14 bike co.

  33. Hey,

    I visited your shop a few months ago and was really impressed with how you make and market your bikes.

    I’m currently living in Zurich and am planning on visiting London again sometime soon. I was wondering if you would be willing to have me work in your shop for a month or so. I would do this for free, as I’m interested in learning about how you do what you do.

    Let me know.

  34. are you guys going to stock Charge scissor framesets?
    i was told the shop would get them
    any idea when?

  35. hi guys – sorry i was kind of distracted and pissed off when i came in and forgot to say thanks really. so thanks for the nipples, thanks for the bolts, thanks for the seat – it is super comfy and thanks for the advice. all much appreciated.
    best k

  36. was the bridgestone recoverd?

    my friend saw one in camden. she got a pic

  37. Roughly how much would an ESB build be?

  38. roughly how much could i get an esb build for?

  39. hey sorry i just checked the post. it looks simualar but its obviously not the same bike.

    just didnt think there would be many people riding pink bridgestones.

  40. Have you got any Jol straps in stock and if so, how much are they?

  41. Hi. – I wad told by John to call today, so I could make my order and give you my credit-card-numbers..- But I havent got your number.
    Would you please send it to my mail: , so I can make the order.


    phone: +45 20767710

  42. It keeps snowing in Newcastle, but we keep on riding 🙂

    Even a little nod to your good selves in one of the shots.

  43. Salutations,
    I was wondering if just the fork of the 14r is available, and how much that would set me back. Is the steer tube 1 inch, or 1 & an 8th?

  44. hey i’m in the year below you at school- wondering if you could help me set up my first fixed gear

  45. hey i’ve seen you around and hear you take pictures- i just bought my first disposable and was wondering and if you could help me get some rad shots

  46. what frame would be better for an all round use, such as ? the charge scissor frame like tom la marche’s ? or a 14 bike co? i want a strong light frame that wont snap and has good drop outs, could you advise me on this and other frame that you recommend ?

    • depends what you mean by all round use, and there are so many to choose from
      there is no ‘best frame’ for general use, its entirely personal and depends on your definition
      any frame will snap under enough pressure

  47. what do you think of this edit about stealing bikes

    Joey x

  48. Are there any chance to buy a 14bikeco’s trick frame and ship to Bangkok, Thailand? I am 180cm tall. Your bike look awesome.

  49. hi, was just wondering if you had any front hed 3’s in, if so how much are they?

  50. Ginevra Calisti

    Where is my bike?! i’ve ordered and paid it in september and it isn’t arrived yet!

  51. how much are the 14 bikeco seats?

  52. Salut les mecs !

    I’m french and pretty interesting by your 14R and i would like to know how much cost a custom with chubb hubs (black one), continental tires (super sport plus of course, because we don’t have those in france 😉 and what are the possibilities ?

    Could you please give me some informations about the preparation time and the pricing ?



  53. Hi I have a charge scissor and was wondering if it would be possible to install profile cranks on it and if it is how much you would charge for getting them in and installing them

  54. Droped you a mail. 🙂

  55. hey, do you sell sputniks? or similarly wide rims to take a 40-45c tyre?
    if so do you happen to know pricing?

  56. Hey,
    I am looking for a sponsor.. Would you be interested in sponsoring anyone new?

    • I couldn’t tell you without seeing anything
      if you’re looking for sponsorship why don’t you make a sponsor me video?

  57. Hi,

    I’m looking for an easy way to secure my saddle, essentially an alternative to a chain. On my old bike I used the Pinhead seat locking skewer. However, my new bike has a bolted seat clamp, which is not compatible with this skewer and my search for a compatible quick release seat clamp hasn’t turned anything up in the 30mm region. Is there a seat clamp about or even another system that would work?



    • I’m not sure whether I’m the best person to ask, though I do know that Salsa do a quick release seat clamp (as well as others) which fits most track frames, and that the miche supertype seatpost has a double locking system for the rails (it needs two sizes of allen keys) though I understand that neither of these solutions is perhaps ideal – unless you love taking your saddle/seatpost with you whenever you lock up your bike

      for a better answer ask our mechanic – he knows everything

  58. To whom it may be concern

    my name is azam I like to order a frame 14 bike co,how do I order or purchase the item. please send me a sale and purchase order requirement. as soon as posible



  59. Hi.
    Are there any news about when you will be able to ship again, after the lava-cloud? ..- I mean to Denmark by airmail?


  60. yo man, just watched the sickest animation!

    i thought youd been really into it!

    so many brands really well made!

    Joey x

  61. John this is justin the American
    just checking to see if the candy lime green is a go for the fuji track pro
    Also if you can leave me with a little more details on that position for the powder coating

    and thank you for all of the information and as i await your response

  62. Was wondering if you could assemble and design a road bike with gears using shimano 105 parts and a custom 14bike frame and handle

  63. Hi there.

    Is john’s mail down at the moment?..- I cant send him mails anymore without getting a notification about delivery-failure.

    Can you confirm this?



  64. Scraper Bikes – You have probably already stumbled across this, but worth checking:

  65. Hi guys!
    You got nice stuff and great blog, but I hate the feature that any videos are not attached to the RSS feed. If it’s easily fixed, please do something.

    ps. If you’re interested, we have a small Finnish bike accessory company KRNKY here in Helsinki. Check out: for more.

    • RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is meant to provide a simplified version of the content present on the original webpage, and with wordpress’ strange embed coding, it’s not possible to fully incorporate every element in the original post in the rss feed. I’ve changed a couple of settings that MAY remedy the problem, but it’s really an issue I have very little control over

  66. Yo, I work for a company who is putting on a game of skate in a night club! Was sponsored by SLAM, but now E’S. I was wondering if you would be so kind to post it up on the blog just to get some people involved..?
    Drop me an e-mail

  67. What address shall I send it to?

  68. Hi Mikey.

    When will John be back in the shop?


      • oh sorry mate must have forgotten to reply
        truth is I don’t know, I think he was due to return yesterday, though having not been in the shop today I don’t know if he has returned. I won’t be able to get into the shop tomorrow either as I have several errands to run but you could either pop in or give a quick email just to confirm. thanks

    • Hi Mikey. – And thanks for the reply.
      Its a long trip from Copenhagen to Brick Lane, just to see if John is in the house:) – Im gonna write Aidan instead.



  69. i’m pretty sure you’ve got the quite-expensive bike parts i need but i’m going to have to go to another bike shop simply because you’re too hip to get advertise your phone number!!?? too busy blogging arty pics of each other’s messenger bags and trainers no doubt, you crafty trustafarians.

    • I’m glad you are not giving us your custom. someone with your crappy attitude is just a downer
      we don’t advertise a shop phone because we don’t have a ‘shop phone’ that we use to take ‘shop calls’
      we use email instead, and there is no way of arguing that we conceal that

  70. Hey, I want to fit a rear brake to my fixed track frame but my rear bridge doesn’t have a hole.

    Could you guys drill it? or alternivtely is there a clip on bridge that is available?


    • why are you looking to mount a rear brake on a track frame?
      I’m not sure if there are rear clip on brakes available, I know dia compe make a front clamp on brake but I doubt there is a rear


  71. Simon keeping

    Hi there,
    Just trying to find out when my frames likely to be ready? Johns email address is down and I’m not sure if Aidens checking his? Sorry to hassle just really excited about getting my new bike,

    • john’s email should be back up now?

    • Yeah me to:)

      – John mail isent up yet..- I got one mail trough, but its down again. -Saying something about Quota exeeded..- Maybe his inbox is too filled!?


  72. because i want the option of going freewheel for longer, hilly, out of city rides during the summer. Cheers for the feedback.

  73. i need to see your bikes, before i buy one, but i really cant find anything.

  74. Hey guys, I’m interested in those new gusset bars (with crossbar). Do you accept paypal?

  75. I donno if I am asking the write person buut basically I want a rear flip flop hub in pink and rear pink rims, with the spokes all different colours, if I was to do this, would I have to paint the spokes myself or do they exist? also how much do you think this would all cost me? allsoo I want to repaint my frame, so do you know of where I could get this done, and how much-ish it costs, or is it possible to do myself? o and I’ve got a racer so like 700c wheels…
    Thanks Gat.

  76. I could not find a phone number for your shop. Could you call me back on 07949984502.
    I am looking for SAG LIFE bag, I understand you are the distributors for SAG?

    • I think we may only have one SAG bag still in stock at the moment, though I’m reasonably sure that we have an order pending for some more.
      John’s email is still sending those messages, though the messages are actually getting through (I’ve checked)

      if you don’t get a response from john in the near future, you could email instead. we all check our emails very frequently


  77. yes that helps alot. Now how much are they. lol and how do i design a bike/frame? sorry for all the Q’s?

    • hi danny. complete builds start at £1000, and framesets start at £500
      you can either choose from a range of set geometries (and choose tubing, welds etc)
      or specify a custom geometry model. whatever you want

      for more information please contact

  78. Hello guy’s,

    do you have hold fast straps on stock? Could you please react a.s.a.p! Thanks from Eindhoven

  79. Hi guys,
    I just can send emails… Quota exceed so they say!
    Can you send me a mail from an alternate mail box?

    A. / XÜ

  80. Please can you publish your phone number and register it with 118118. The wrong phone number is listed and people phone us thinking we are 14 bike co.

  81. Please could you delete the post by Dominic Brouard – I believe this is why people are phoning our number. It is dated 16th June 2009.

  82. Hi there,

    basically im about to embark on the arduous journey that is building a fixed gear, for the first time. Im on a pretty major budget like £150 – £200 ish for the lot. Im having difficulty finding a frame, ive looked one ebay, gumtree etc. but they all seem to be too far away, and i was just wandering if you know any other places where i can get a cheap frame, i live in london btw

  83. just wondering how much a complete trick build would set me back, something along the lines in the bike check vids.
    cheers sam.

  84. Good morning

    I am interesting to buy your Fixed bike in London.
    I will come in London for holiday and I will come in your shop to choose a fixed bike, the only problem Is how can I transport the fixed bike from London to Italy?
    Could you help me? Maybe you have already sell a fixed bike for another pays!

    Thank you very much for your promptly reply

    Best regards

    Desy Russo

    • I’ve forwarded your comment to john and hopefully you’ll be getting a proper reply within the next day or two. thanks!

  85. Hi do you have any SAG life bags at the moment?

  86. Higs i
    do you have the sag messanger bags in small or medium?

  87. heyyy man do u sell your freestyle fixed frame? if u do how much does it cost ? and plus shipping to singapore=D

  88. David John Clapp

    Have you guys got any Profile Spline Drive Sprocket 42t in stock. and. If so, how can I order one?

  89. yo mikey, thought you might like to check this new edit straight outa london. This probably isnt the best way to contact you but weeyyyyyyyyy.

    • thanks man I’ve checked that already and I liked it but it’s waaay long
      Might post it up tomorrow but I reckon it’d be better to compact it and cut out the not important parts, but that’s just me

  90. do you sell white rims, with 1 or 2 inch plastic

  91. do you have them in store? at brick lane?

    • I don’t really understand what you’re asking for. rims are typically around about £25-£45 each. We would normally have a few types of rim in stock, maybe it’s best for you to come down and see for yourself?

      all the best, mikey

  92. and how much?

  93. I just got a Lo Pro Frame and wonder that
    what is the size for bottom bracket ?

  94. Why do you say that you “answer all emails”

    why not tell the truth….. “we don’t bother to answer emails” and while you are updating the website add “we don’t give out a phone number so why don’t you fuck off and go to Brick Lane Bikes where someone might actually give a shit”

    Thanks, Malcolm.

    • you’re a bit grumpy now aren’t you Malcom?

      We’re a small company trying to do our best and produce the best quality bikes we can
      because of the popularity of our brand we are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of interest we get, especially when we’re trying to get a website/webshop up and running by the beginning of next week
      I’m sorry if an email of yours didn’t get answered, but in all truth it’s not my responsibility, I don’t single handedly run the entire business

      If you’re not still grumpy then you could try resending your email

      all the best, mikey

  95. was wondering if you ship to ireland ?

  96. Hi Guys!,

    I’m a final year design student at Loughborough University and I’m currently working on my final design project. I have followed the 14 Bike Co for a while now and think you guys might be able to help me. I am looking for the opinions of enthusiasts and others working in the cycling industry on my initial design ideas.

    I am proposing to design a bike lock that is better suited to the design and aesthetic of the fixie bike. Originally I have considered a lock that would be integrated into the bike handlebars, frame or saddle.

    As my research has developed I have started to consider the possibility of combining two bike accessories such as a bike light that can be used as a lock or perhaps, more interestingly, a helmet that you can use as a lock. This would be a completely new style of helmet, that could encourage riders to wear a helmet and remove the issue of knowing what do with your helmet, where to lock it etc…

    I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on my initial ideas and have tried to keep this as concise as possible, if you would like any more information please ask.

    If you could also take a couple of minutes to fill out my survey I would be very grateful…


    Edward Williams

    • First off, I wouldn’t call them ‘fixie bikes’, fixed gear bikes works just fine and don’t make you sound silly when you’re talking to bike enthusiasts
      Also, you’re not the only one to want to try and integrate a lock into the bike using handlebars or whatever, but ultimately I think it’s a bit of a flawed concept
      locks are heavy, you don’t want a heavy helmet, or any heavy non-removable part of your bike

      here’s one solution to the problem, though I;m not totally convinced (third item down):
      also, you might want to look at this:

      If I were to give you my honest advice I would steer well clear of this idea altogether
      people with fixed gear bikes often ride them because they are light and low maintenance, integrating something heavy into the design defeats the point.
      People often carry locks on their person, you’ll see this with a lot of messengers

      also, have you considered insurance on locks? it’s a big business (look at kryptonite locks)

      I can’t just give you all my advice, I don’t have enough time
      if you need a quite critique of a concept, let me know

  97. Hi Guys, do you have this mess bag in stock? if so whats the price. Cheers, Paul

    • I can’t get into the shop today but drop aidan an email ( and he should be able to check for you, but I’m pretty sure we should have them in stock

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