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philly mixtape 6

Another great edit from the boys in Philadelphia featuring riding from Carl DeBeauclair, Tony Fast, Jesse Jambox, Drew Leshko, Sean Rosner and Tom LaMarche. Tony really shines in this edit, and that’s not just me being biased because he’s my boy, dude’s been ripping recently… Tom’s 3 was rad too


reports on Death or Glory

there are some write-ups now present online from Roy’s ‘Death or Glory’ trick jam that happened over the weekend in his home town of Rotterdam. One post to take particular note of is Juliet’s, interesting, funny and quite thorough! There’s also a couple of photos from Mathieu Prentout and one from Augustin Gus Dol Maillot that I liked, as well as an edit below, check it!

rad. oscar absolutely killed it

Greg Falski’s photos from Rotterdam

I just missed out on this trip to Rotterdam for Roy’s ‘Death or Glory‘ trick jam because of school commitments I had yesterday (assesments) and I’m really bummed I couldn’t make it. Luckily I didn’t miss out on everything as Greg Falski took a whole load of amazing photos of the action. Our own Oscar “Tiger” Khan came out on top of the pack with first place, followed by Simon “Gomok” Andraca of Paris and Gus “Lil’ Big Man” Mallet. Congratulations guys! Looks like a good amount of street spots got sessioned too!

photos by Greg Falski

A Morning with Mikey at Mile End

Filmed by Andy Ellis of Fixedgearlondon one morning in March, we were going to use the footage for a bigger project but Mikey got injured soon after this was filmed (ankle ligament damage which he’s just about recovered from now) so the footage has just been lying around until now. check it


Superted and a Pigeon Foot


SuperTed & Benedict Radcliffe – Moto Bike

London-based artist and good mate of ours Benedict Radcliffe wanted to create a motor-driven bicycle, a motor bike at it’s most basic, and just before starting he fell off his bike and had his arm in a cast, casting a dubious shadow over the project. As he is inclined to do Superted came to the rescue, building a destinctly ESB-ish frame to take a motor (I’m telling you ESBs are strong beasts) and here’s what came out of it. The moto-bike isn’t finished yet and I saw it being built the other day, but it’s fully functional and rad to the max

photos taken from Benedict’s Blog

Jordan and Gus 01

Here’s a new MIXTMEAT edit featuring riding from Jordan and our very own Gus riding at Hommerton Humps and the Heath Extension, both ripping their ESBs. Some good solid riding in there, I’m feeling it