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Vindata – Night Sky video

I saw this video over on Matt Lingo’s twitter and I wasn’t sure what I thought of it, I mean in a way it’s really lame and I don’t dig the music at all, but I actually like some of the shots and I enjoyed watching the dude Isaac Gibbs tricking it out towards the end of the video, quite fast and steezy although you might say he didn’t really ‘land’ much. Well if you’re into Southern California techno then give is a go, and if you’re just into riding then smack mute and skip to 2:35 or so


Mate those SE PK rippers just got a whole lot more attractive. seen at flwrider

Canondale Tall Track

okay so it’s not real, just a mock-up but it definitely got me excited, seriously how awesome would this bike be? I saw the image by wreksy over on Kentalog


sort of embarrassing eh? I’m glad we don’t need to make lame youtube videos of scantily clad amateur models to shift our rebranded sub-entry-level Taiwanese fixed gear bicycles. Looks like they got inspired with the headbadge too, whatever

Pond Jumping

I’ve seen a video like this before, but when I spotted this one over at ZLOG I was just in awe of the radness, some bigass 35 foot airs into a pond. Come summer I’ve got to find a way to do this, so good

Superted and a Pigeon Foot


The Wrong, The Right, and The Fight

Here’s Hunter Gray’s genius interpretation of a modern day spaghetti western that the DOOM boys spotted. If you’re into the movies that kids make with their mates then you’ll love it, it’s so typical in the best way. Robbery, an edge-of-your-seat chase and a dramatic finale, this short is destined for success.

more info on the bond bike

I hope this is a joke! seen the video over at ZLOG city

thursdays laughs

I haven’t think I’ve seen a fixed gear video that made me laugh this much in a long time, again with Council of DOOM delivering the youtube gold!

sick. so sick

prolly was on point with this spot, an advert for lightspeed mobile, sick. It’s genuinely funny and a decent little advert, quite american but sick, so sick.