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today’s trick roundup

First up here’s Marco’s run in the recent Kentalog Trick Contest held over in Osaka (which I believe he took first place in)

there are loads of other videos from the event to see HERE and a whole flickr set over at the Kentalog Photostream, including this deathly tweak (rad)

next up we have Sean Brian Rosner’s video for Fixed Cult, some sweet riding, clean 3s and a dope stall 180 at the end, good stuff

and finally here’s a baller gif spotted at Milano Fixed, mesmerising!

ow ow ow

I’m all battered and bruised from riding with oscar today, it’s been awesome. A crisp and bright Sunday with only brief interludes of rain, nothing serious either. I think the footage is going to be used for a 14 global riders edit, so that’s something to look forward to

awesome car right? The dude was just chillin at the lights so I sneaked a snap, and yeah I took a slam beforehand and halfway down the road I had to stop because my foot was absolutely caaaaning. I don’t really know what the deal is with my foot, I’m pretty sure it’s nothing serious but hot dayum. Torn off scabs, swollen knee, bruised palms, a mysteriously painful foot and a totally annihilated front wheel – you know it’s been a good day


FIX UP ROLLER RACING is a weekly roller sweat fest in The Keirin Bar of Nottingham. Jason Philip shot me over a link to the event and a quick video which I thought was pretty awesome, it’s good to see smaller scenes putting on great events! Check over at the Facebook event page for more info

i-D online Bicycle Film Festival Gallery

i-D online posted up a few photos from the recent Bicycle Film Festival events HERE including these two that I thought were particularly nice, from the screenings at the Barbican Center and from inside the shop, nice!


an cute little teaser from the Mission Workshop boys, I want to see the store! Andy’s over there now (I believe) so he’s bound to give us the low-down pretty soon, until then!

Owlycat Report

There’s a sweet little write-up at The Foot Down on their recently held Owlycat Event, and there looks to be an awesome video coming out of it as well. We were sponsoring the event and as when I saw that only 11 riders turned up I thought that it was a little bit of a bummer, but thinking about it I reckon that the fact that there was a small group of competitors on such a vast 24 mile hill-ridden course made it even radder, plus the prizes on offer for first place exceeded £600 worth, pretty banging. For more info on the event check The Foot Down and also Fixed Gear Cardiff (for a racer’s perspective)

Joyride London

Ala Champfest did a sweet little write-up on the Joyride London event with photos by Ben Broomfield, including Benedict’s Motobike, Word To Mother and many many more! Check it out