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Customers + Bikes: ‘Mother Of God!’

not actually god’s mumsie, flickr ‘Mother Of God!’ silly. Thanks for bringing to my attention these shots of his Reynolds 853 14bikeco beauty, looking good!

14 bike co14 bike co

A few badged-up ESB’s

Over at Ted’s workshop he’s been doing his checks and adding a few brake mounts on some of the first tig welded ESB’s before giving them the Superted seal of quality by smieshing a headbadge on ’em. Photos c/o Odge

badged-up esb's
badged-up esb's badged-up esb's

more shots of Devan Mickell’s ESB

A couple more shots of Devan Mickell‘s new Tig welded ESB, pretty in pink!

Giles Deacon & his 14bikeco whip in i-D magazine

here’s a Nick Knight photo of London designer Giles Deacon perched upon a 14bikeco whip in the latest issue of i-D magazine, sent over to me by Edward O’Mahony, thanks dude!

Devan Council’s ESB

I spotted this bike check of Devan Council’s recently built-up ESB over on ZLOG, and I’m kinda feeling the whole raw and pink vibe, looking good!

Frame&Fork: 14 Bike Co tig welded ESB
Headset: FSA Impact
Stem: Eastern Choker III
Bars: Gusset Open Prison 3″
Grips: ODI Longneck
Bottom Bracket: Profile
Cranks: Profile No-Boss
Gearing: Profile 39t Spline Drive Sprocket, Profile 16t Cog, Profile Lock Ring
Chain: Wippermann ConneX Nickel Heavy Duty
Pedals: Black Market C4
Straps: Hold Fast
Seatpost: Charge Chop Stick
Seatpost Clamp: Salsa Lip Lock
Saddle: Selle San Marco Strada Hi-Pro
Wheelset: 26″ Velocity Chukkers, Profile 36H Fixed Hubs, 1.75 Tyres

Customers + Bikes: Hugo’s 14bikeco

Thanks for the photos Hugo, the bike looks fantastic! more HERE



Customers + Bikes: Alex and the deathwhip

Right so I made up the deathwhip bit but I like it. A little bit of a murder whip right here with the full bluck, Alex is super stoked on it and so are we

alex's bike

alex's bike

alex's bikecustomers and bikes

Ben’s 14R

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to make the dropouts that we had on the original 14R due to the fabricator being unwell, but my good friend Ben’s 14R is looking super sweet regardless, check it out. Just got to make the paint decisions!

more in the flickr set

James and his stickered-out Whip

I met his little guy James and his father in the shop the other day, and I was totally stoked on his bike, some head to toe repping going on! His dad is getting an ESB, and he told me that he was planning to give James a 14bikeco trick bike for his 18th birthday! It might be a long way away but how cool is that? Anyway totally nice guys, welcome to as many stickers as they like!

ESB’s all up in here

here’s a photo by Phil Thomas I spotted over at Pedal Consumption – ‘f34rthefixed’ of Newcastle Fixed Gear jumping a 6 stair on his ESB, good stuff

6 set