today’s trick roundup

first up we have a video which does contain some tricks, but is most notable for all the crazy stuff that surrounds them. Tricks wise there’s a dope wheelie 180 from Wonka and switch hop up to 360 off a big ledge from Tom LaMarche, but it’s enjoyable to watch regardless of that rad stuff. WRAHW WITCHTAPE 3

next up we have two videos that oscar sent to me, both super live. James Meliota for FlyBikes, what can I say? Creative. Technical. Different. Weird. Amazing. Any of these plus whatever else I can’t be bothered to think of, this video is sick and shows an ability to think of spots in a totally different way, it’s inspiring

and last but definitely not least, here’s some ridiculous skating from Albert Nyberg. from the Newsoul skateboards promo ‘You got soul‘ (click to see the whole thing) this guy is ridiculously technical in a gnarly way. Loads of tricks I wouldn’t normally dig but so so rad how he does them and down/into/out of whatever, I mean you can take any trick in this and just boggle over how the hell he does it for like 10 minutes, crazy

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