ow ow ow

I’m all battered and bruised from riding with oscar today, it’s been awesome. A crisp and bright Sunday with only brief interludes of rain, nothing serious either. I think the footage is going to be used for a 14 global riders edit, so that’s something to look forward to

awesome car right? The dude was just chillin at the lights so I sneaked a snap, and yeah I took a slam beforehand and halfway down the road I had to stop because my foot was absolutely caaaaning. I don’t really know what the deal is with my foot, I’m pretty sure it’s nothing serious but hot dayum. Torn off scabs, swollen knee, bruised palms, a mysteriously painful foot and a totally annihilated front wheel – you know it’s been a good day

2 responses to “ow ow ow

  1. Yo, what Vans are they? I wannntt them…

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