Volume Generator

“The Generator is a combination of a cyclocross bike, hybrid and BMX. The thing rides like a dream and can still jump off a curb and do a mean wheelie… EBB, fixed dropout, Shimano 8-spd. Alfine hub, Tektro Auriga Pro hydraulic brakes… offering it as a complete (April/ May)” from the Volume SitePart of me doesn’t really understand this bike, but I sure wouldn’t turn down a go on this thing. I’m not sure, I mean sure it’d real fun to take offroad but aren’t there better bikes for that sort of do? I think essentially it’s a multi-purpose beast for a niche market that I don’t personally fall into, but I’m sure some people will love it. Interesting none the less, and I dig the decals a lot

One response to “Volume Generator

  1. I’ll be the first one to ask here; what the f*#k is a “fixed drop out?” Last I checked, it was called a fork-end.

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