today’s trick roundup

first up we have a quick clip from Matthew Spencer for PHOENIX straps – dude’s got those sliders on lock! I don’t really understand this trick and to see Matt bust it out with such steez is so sick, check it. WOLFDRAWN

next up here’s Fall Edit SWAG-SWAG posted up by jowpreme on trick track. Apart from some non-lines like a hop bar and 3 tap on flat there’s a reasonable flow to the edit, and the tricks are good. Worth a watch

and finally something a little bit different. Dan AKA dsmcd90‘s afternoon edit is a strange watch, I mean the guy has some tricks but I have no idea why there’s so much bad footage in here. Perhaps he just wanted to fill out a 3 minute edit but I think that it has unintentionally become really funny, I mean oscar and I were creasing over it yesterday. Honestly I don’t mean to be mean but it’s a pretty hilarious edit, like the dude keeps messing up on the halfpipe starting at :30 but he just keeps going and going, WHY?! and 1:37, incredible, I love this edit


2 responses to “today’s trick roundup

  1. Daniel McDiarmid

    Thanks for posting my edit! its sweet to see my own “bad footage” on a website I frequent daily, I include myself falling simply because its happens, a lot. If you don’t fall you’re not trying hard enough- next time i’ll only include landed tricks

    • Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the edit, but the focus of it was more towards the falls than the makes, just because of the ratio of the footage. It’s good to include some bails, but not so many that they take the spotlight over the tricks (get to the point you know) I look forward to seeing new stuff from you!

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