tall times

I saw this image of a tall bike on a non-descript cool stuff/design website, and following the links just lead me to others until a dead end (which seems to happen all the time) so I don’t actually know anything about this bike. I just wanted to post it because it’s kinda awesome, and I’ve never seen a tall bike like it. If anyone knows something more about the bike then please smash a comment on this post, I’d love more info on this giga-whip

6 responses to “tall times

  1. this bikes from bristol, i saw it locked up in the centre a few weeks back.

  2. I would LOVE to see a barspin on that, although it looks as if it looks like it has a lot of toe overlap.

  3. I talked to this guy but I was pretty wasted so I can’t remember what he said, I think I kept on asking him how he got on it.

  4. go on snag films and theres a documentry about the black label punks and tall bikes

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