14bikeco sprockets

One of the aims of 14bikeco is to support UK manufacturing and bicycle component fabrication, supporting an industry of some real quality that’s being crushed by the pressures of cheap Asian labor and manufacturing. Part of this is sourcing components from UK companies like Goldtec (BETD) and Brooks leather goods, but part of it is to make our own products, such as hubs, chainrings, top caps, frames (of course) and now sprockets. Made in the The Queen’s own England, they are CNC Machined from high grade 17-4PH Stainless Steel, combining high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. They should be available for purchase in a variety of sizes as of a week Monday (18th) for £25


5 responses to “14bikeco sprockets

  1. Awesome!
    3/32 size please
    14t? Or is that too much too ask

  2. any idea on the chainline measurements? im having issuses with my current philxEAI to SG75’s

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