pigeon problems

For the second time in recent memory a pigeon found its was into the shop today. It’s so annoying, I mean they are reluctant to leave and then when you try and move them they fly up (above the door) and hit into the windows, fly around some more and then perch right above some merchandise or a customer. Nice. After running around wielding a motivational pole for a while the pigeon, who was an exceptionally mangy and dirty pigeon, was still for long enough for me to nab it in a shoebox. I gotta emphasise how yucky the pigeon was, and as no-one wanted to open the box outside with their hands Keith went in with the little flick of the foot, ending up in giving the critter a little shake, but I think he’s alright


5 responses to “pigeon problems

  1. love the really slow oh my daysssssssssss

  2. Get a cat and with a jet pack !

  3. I really loved this happy end story!
    The reason why I stoped at this post is because a pigeon just commit suicide in the terrasse of my office and nobody wants to give him funerals…
    I’ll make sure it rests in peace tonight!

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