FIXATION Teaser 1 – Velodromes

FIXATION – The Documentary on single speed riding in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Cruz. By following professional track racers and everyday city riders we will explore the sport and passion for riding only one gear.

This looks really promising! From the look of the trailer this documentary is set to give an interesting and beautifully shot insight into single speed riding, without necessarily giving-off any of the danger danger aspect of fixed gear that a lot of videos play up to. It’s all good and dandy portraying these bikes as mean machines, but truly it’s just another type of bike, and it totally depends on where and how you ride them as to how dangerous it is, and with the popularity awareness of fixed gear growing by the minute it’s probably a good idea to have a more rounded public image, keeping it open for all demographics. I dunno, I mean I love the edge of the seat hill bombing stuff but this is cool too

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