today’s trick roundup

first up, WRAHW Welcomes Mike Schmitt in this new edit (bloodfam getting wrahw). Mike’s got a really interesting and unique style in the way he approaches obstacles, I’m really digging this new edit. A mix of tech and gnar, it’s definitely worth a watch or two or three. Getting creative!

next up here’s the Sunday Sessions edit from Soundtrack Paris, with some cool spots and general stuffery, but for me it’s all about the bowl! Watching this really made me want to visit Paris and hit up some spots ASAP after I get over my ankle rubbish. Damn dude I just want to ride

finally, Wonka steals the show with this double on the rail for Grime, filming for upcoming web video ‘Hunky Boys’ – bound to be ill. Hyped!


2 responses to “today’s trick roundup

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the post, you’re always welcome in Paris !


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