today’s trick roundup

first up we have So Dumb, So Dumb – Tom LaMarche (briefly) and Tony Fast ripping his ESB hard. Tony told me that Tom’s moved up to NYC and a lot of this was self-filmed, but it seems that although it’s a bit of a bummer it hasn’t stopped Tony getting out there and progressing! T has sickest 3 taps, 0:36=rad

next we have some dope photos of Devan Mickell ripping on her ESB, hop bars on the bank? 7stair? Second hop bar I’ve seen busted by a lady and definitely an illa sick move, nice one! glad you like the goodies too. Photos by Keith Gallagher

finally, here’s a double photo from Brenton Salo, Wonka hitting the handrail at Interbike. To be honest, handrails seem pretty far from riding I’ve done and mad scary. He bailed one of these pretty hard but this photo looks like a make, so sick


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