today’s trick roundup

first up, here’s a couple of photos courtesy of Mikey Walley of Steven Jensen, dude’s trying flat tailwhips?! intense. The photos are titled ‘An Almost FGFS Tailwhip’ so I guess he hasn’t landed it yet, but looks promising!

An Almost FGFS Tailwhip

next up here’s some more live riding from Nigel Sylvester for the Gatorade ‘go all day’ project seen over at Fish&Chips Japan, uprail hop bar was sooo good!

and finally I wanted to throw in this short I saw at ZLOG, Garrett Reynolds ‘rides with no hands’. I don’t know if this is real, I mean it looks ridiculous and I sorta feel stupid for not straight out that it’s not real and appreciating it for what it is, but Garrett is just so good I can’t! It’s entertaining wither way, check it out

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