it’s fashion, baby

I saw some shots from the Monstars 2010 A/W “reading in forest” lookbook over at FGGT and wondered how long it’ll be until people get over the whole fad factor of fixed gear bikes, it’s getting annoying seeing fashion stuff with token bikes put in for cool points… there seems to be no end in sight


5 responses to “it’s fashion, baby

  1. Funny you should complain about fashion…. After all, 14Bike, TokyoFixed, etc all rely on fashion to sell its bikes, parts and clothing to hipsters. Stop rubbishing popularity – enjoy it while it lasts. The more people on bikes the better – single speed, fixed gear trick, fixed gear track, road bikes, MTBs, BMX’s, folding bikes, tandems, touring bikes, – who cares, JUST RIDE 🙂

    • I’ma let you finish, but I disagree with what you’re saying in as far as 14bikeco relies on fashion to sell bikes, I mean of course the rise in popularity of fixed gear bikes over recent years has been good for some bike companies, but using fixed gear as a lame prop in some fashion shoot which has no relation to bikes is not cool, it’s just another company cashing in on the fixed gear rush. We sell high quality handbuilt custom bikes, if we were really trying to soak up every penny from selling ‘bikes, parts and clothing to hipsters’ then surely we would build cheap crap that just looks the part? that’s what a lot of companies are doing nowadays, and it’s not something 14bikeco will ever do. I obviously agree with the sentiment of ‘The more people on bikes the better’, but that doesn’t bear any relation to what I was saying, ‘token bikes put in for cool points’ – there are too many shoots that have nothing to do with bikes but just feed off of the popularity of something already there. In this they are actually doing the reverse of what you’re implying, I think there is damage done to the public image of fixed gear by overuse/abuse of the fixed gear aesthetic in lame shit, but that’s my opinion, and then again this is all just my opinion so if you don’t like it then you don’t have to read it. Sorry to sound like a dick, but if you reexamine the tone of your comment I think it’s suitable

      all the best, mikey

  2. Touched a nerve did I? Sorry if my tone rubbed you up the wrong way – didn’t mean it to.You’ve made some good points. With all trends – companies will cash in too establish market growth – [albeit some do it better than others and this advert (above) is a little lame]. Every company is at on order to gain market share; highten brand awareness etc…. 14Bike is doing that, and should continue to do that to prosper. Companies that associate themselves with 14Bike are doing that – that is what sponsorship is all about. All I’m saying is so what? That’s business. Who gives a monkey’s. Just rides bikes…..


    • Not really, it’s just I felt I had to explain myself properly. I understand what you’re saying but I can’t help but have an opinion on how lame some business shit is, and it seems that most people on here appreciate and share some the those views that I give out. Ultimately I’m not going to lose any sleep over it but it pisses me off
      it’s good to have aware and active readers, thanks for the comment
      all the best, mikey

  3. How does this shot have nothing to do with cycling… she’s modelling a fluro jacket for goodness sake, when else would you be wearing one?

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