Skinny Benny SX

There’s quite a bit of hate on the internet circulating around bumsteads cycles, most of which I do not subscribe to, but when I saw this video up on council of doom blog I couldn’t help but recoil in facepalm horror. First off we see some impressive trickery to seal the deal before you’ve even seen the ‘damn good’ bike being flogged, but then on their strategy preys on people’s ignorance, appealing to a monetary issue before quality or strength, which is arguably an important part of a trick bike. So then dude goes on about a big upgrade in an unsealed integrated headset and bmx stem blah blah, then somehow he makes out that a crossbar on your risers is essential to jump around and I think dude, have you ever ridden a bike? do you just look at a couple kids on tricktrack then think that there’s been an unspoken but unanimous leap forward in bar technology over the last few months? it’s insulting. If the video ended there and then I may not have felt the need to make a deal about it, but the ‘stash spot’ really got on my tits. Why don’t you just make the frame into a crack pipe? loads of people will buy it then, free crack pipe who wouldn’t? And just in case anyone was wondering, “it doesn’t alter the strength of the frame at all”…. so what he’s just going to re-write the laws of physics? that’s fine by me, you massive douchebag

4 responses to “Skinny Benny SX

  1. I sorry that bike isnt the greatest, but the people who are buying it, it’s for the look, it’s a starter bike for fuck sake!! And a inexpensive trick style bike sorry all kids can’t buy your expensive ass esb, kids have to get in to it sometime. And it’s just a product they carry. Lots of shops carry shit they hate.

    • it’s not just a product they carry at all, it’s a product that they have decided to make a promotional video for in which they lie through the teeth to an impressionable target audience. Is that not fair to say?

  2. Haterz hatin’.

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